Happy New Year with the new FDM

Dear FDM Users!

We are proud to announce that FDM 3.8 has been recently released, featuring numerous tweaks and innovations, such as improved Flash video monitoring in popular web browsers and ability to download video files from even more websites than in the past. We hope that you will like this new version. Please, feel free to visit our download page to get FDM 3.8.

Current stable version: FDM ver. 3.8 build 1173

New features:
– Ability to download flash videos from even more web sites than before (FDM’s plug-in now supports the following web browsers: IE 6 – IE 9, Firefox 3.5 – Firefox 9);
– Flash video monitoring in Google Chrome;
– User interface improvements;
– Updated torrents core library;
– Ability to import downloads from uTorrent and Orbit clients;
– Better allocation of traffic between active downloads.

20 Responses to “Happy New Year with the new FDM”

  1. yogesh chhabra Says:

    hi to all the free download manager team members!

    happy new year to you too. you have done such a great work, keep going.

    my wishes are always with you.

    god bless you.

  2. richie Says:


  3. mohsen Says:

    Happy new year and thank you for your software.I love FDM

  4. Darek Says:

    What about Flash video monitoring with Opera browser?

    Regards Darek

  5. harish Says:

    Hi All,

    Thank u very much fdm team for providing fdm, wish happy new year our fdm world,
    i like this fdm ,its superb . i had very good expeience with fdm.

    Harish Chepuri.

  6. siva Says:


  7. Willder Says:

    Finally! Thank you, great job! :D

  8. The new user of FDM Says:

    Happy New Year!!! ^0^
    I’m the new user of FDM. ㄒㄒ
    The beginning, I felt FDM was so difficult to use and there was many use problems. ˊ0ˋ
    But after using FDM 3.7RC, I radically changed the impression of FDM. 0w0
    It have many good functions. = v =
    And 3.8 is better!! FDM is realy powerful!! >0<
    I'm really thank you!! _( )_

    Finally, I want to tell you “I will always countenance FDM” ︿︿y

  9. Oh~NO~~ Says:

    Well…Why remove the “Uploads” function?
    It is a great feature.
    Add this feature again, please~~~

  10. enlie Says:

    Happy New Year with the new FDM

    download flashhh power full…goodddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks frands fdm

  11. Mirza Says:

    Nice info. My chrome can download via FDM now. My latest version of FDM not support for the latest chrome. Thanks!

  12. Tyger Ali Says:

    Hey Internet Download Manager …move aside…make way for the King of Downloads.

    Guys you are amazing….Thanks for this Awesome product.

    That shit of a IDM corrupts the Browser and hangs the system….

    Fantabulous product…..

  13. Help Says:

    Can FDM download torrent using magnet link ???

  14. Pratik Says:

    Happy New Year FDM!!

    This is an awesome program… It makes life so much easier!

    Thanks a ton for the update..

    Cheers..God Bless…

  15. Muhammad Says:

    Thanks a lot. but what about support of firefox 10 ? FDM3.8 is incompatible with firefox 10 and is disabled.

  16. Bryan Says:

    Thanks for your great job.
    Will be a version with support of firefox 10 soon?

  17. aarohi Says:

    it is very good

  18. las vegas escorts Says:

    Thanks for the post.

  19. ganeshan Says:

    suber job

  20. adeniji Says:

    I keep getting a ‘download failed’ error message.

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