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E-mail notifier for multiple accounts owners.

If you have several e-mail accounts, you may find it tiring and inconvenient to check all your mailboxes for new letters. Multi-Mail Notifier tracks all your accounts (the program supports POP3, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) and alerts you when the mail arrives. Then it is enough to simply push a button in the program window, and your web account or e-mail reader will be immediately opened for you to read your mail. The program is shareware. Read the full review.

A tool for creating animated avatars from video.

Although there is a great variety of avatars available on the Internet now, you still might be searching for something special, having a brilliant idea of what could be a perfect avatar for you. Video Avatar is the tool that will come to your assistance if you are fed up to the back teeth with waiting for someone else to design what you need and are ready to spend time on creating your own animated avatar from a video clip. With the help of this program you can easily produce an exclusive animated gif avatar featuring your favorite Hollywood star or a cartoon character. The user interface is pretty simple containing controls that are necessary and sufficient for tuning avatars’ properties.

Get up and blogging!

Alive DiaryAlive Diary is a full-featured blog client that lets you publish posts to Internet resources such as Blogger, Live Journal, Type Pad, WordPress as well as create your own online blogs. Like most blog clients, Alive Diary offers complete WYSIWYG support but also lets you view and edit your posts in HTML. Other features at a glance are an opportunity to create unlimited number of blogs, convenient search function, advanced text formatting, smooth modern look. Alive Diary is shareware, with the opportunity to use the evaluation version freely for 20 days. Read the full review.

A piece of software to help you shop on Amazon.

AmazingFree is a free service that can make a fully automatic order of an item on Amazon as soon as it comes in stock if it is not available at the moment. The program searches Amazon for the target item and displays search results in the built-in browser. After you register your task, the program starts the watch. You can set the program to make an order in a fully automatic mode or give you a notification message or send an e-mail when the item arrives. The beta testing version of the software is now available for free download. If you have an account in Amazon, you are welcome to test it and tell us if you find the software useful.

Home studio for designing business cards

Business Card StudioEven if you are not a businessperson, you might need a business card badly one day. In this case you might resort to a help of a professional designer. However, anyone familiar with a computer can create a quite decent business card themselves. Business Card Studio is an example of software letting you create your own personal business cards. The program allows you to create a home-made card really quickly by using a ready-made template and it also offers you a variety of tools to design something special. Read the full review.

Digital image enlargement software with a new patented interpolation algorithm.

PhotoZoom Pro2Imagine you need to enlarge a digital picture – say, if you want to make a large print from a 3 megapixel digital file. Common methods (like those provided in PhotoShop) do not bring high-quality results as usually there is unwanted blurriness and stairstepping. PhotoZoom Pro 2 comes with the new S-Spline XL interpolation algorithm that surpasses existing methods in quality.
Actually, the program gives you the choice of 11 enlargement methods. Other methods are included for the user to have an opportunity to compare the enlargement quality. The software is rather pricey, but offers professional quality results. Read the full review.

Free Flash Slide Show Maker

Today there are loads of slide show makers available. Although some sophisticated users think such software ordinary, it is still the easiest way to share memories with friends and family. Flash Slide Show Maker is yet another piece of software that lets you organize your pictures into a creative flash photo album. Flash Slide Show Maker has just about everything to help you turn your slideshow project into a polished masterpiece – a bounty of themes, transitions and special decorative effects such as moving semi-transparent objects like hearts, circles, or snowflakes. The software is rated highly by users. Moreover, it’s free!

A full featured artist’s studio from NeoSoft Corporation.

NeoPaintRecently in our software library we reviewed NeoPaint – still another attempt at giving the user an all-in-one image editor. NeoPaint contains all possible tools for drawing and painting, as well as basic tools for photo editing and enhancement such as rotate, resize, color correction, and a number of special effects. Other useful options are screen capture, icon editor and the opportunity to create animations. The set of tools is large enough to please enthusiastic home users, as well as some pros. Read the full review or download the software to check if it will suit you.

An advanced tool to create GIF animations.

If you need a tool to create GIF animations, check out Adv GIF Animator. Though the program interface is not too modern or smooth to please the most demanding eye, the software offers just about everything a designer or a home enthusiast needs in order to create a GIF animation, be it a banner, button or a movie. True to its title, Adv GIF Animator looks really advanced to me. It offers a bounty of features; a new user may even think it’s overloaded with functions. Last but not least, the software is multi language. If your native tongue is other than English, you are most likely to find it in the list containing about 30 languages.