FDM does not work with windows 7 IE9

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FDM does not work with windows 7 IE9

Postby qssdrc » Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:28 pm

I have the latest version of FDM and I am running it on windows 7 premium 64 bit with IE9 no matter what I try I can only download a few kilobytes of any target and FDM shows 154B or 155B code IE9 doownload manager will download all these files but I want to use FDM can anyone help!
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Re: FDM does not work with windows 7 IE9

Postby Usher » Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:37 pm

1. FDM works only with 32-bit browsers. Make sure you run IE9 32-bit version.
2. You should run FDM installer as administrator. In some cases you should also run FDM as administrator when you change FDM configuration.
3. Whatever is your "any target", you should define it more clearly if you want to be helpful.
File hosting services are not a good target for tests - they don't like download managers. One day they may accept FDM, another day they may change their scripts and ban you for running any download manager.
For the start you should better run some more regular downloads - you can try to download FDM installer from Sourceforge. If it fails, you may have problems with your antivirus or another internet security software.
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