Negation in Checkboxes are IRRITATING

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Negation in Checkboxes are IRRITATING

Postby TomB » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:45 pm

Many thanks for your program.

But ...
1) negation in Checkboxes are IRRITATING (nobody can be sure that this is no programmed misstake.)
(haha, I wrote it false myself in screenshot - I am sorry :D - my English is not so well - but I will train)

=> TIP: please always use checked Checkboxes when something is boolean true and present it unecheked if it is not active/true/set/etc.

2) please enable ESC KEY Chr(27) to hide main window to tray - instead of ALT + F4 only

3) is there any speed report possible I can see after I downloaded completely ?
minimum an average speed?

Many thanks so far.

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