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José Miguel Miniño


Postby José Miguel Miniño » Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:24 pm

Obviously you still need a good translator. The use of Computer Translator produces very ridiculous an eventually funny texts like this (as an example between others) on your web

“Español: Descargar Fabricante de Exposición de diapositivas de Destello (Flash Slideshow Maker) 3.0”

Of course the original English text could be “Spanish: Download Flash Slide Show 3.0” , and the translation must be: “Español: Descargar Flash Slide Show 3.0”.
If you want to be very precise may ad after that: (Programa Flash para Presentaciones de Diapositivas o Imágenes).

The individual and proper names (Flash, at least in this case) cannot be translated, specially when the literal translation produces unexpected results lake the reproduced before in blue, exactly as is published on your web. That text in Spanish really says: “Spanish: Download Manufacturer of Show of Flashing Slides (Flash Slideshow Maker) 3.0”. Of course usually people understand but it doesn’t looks well.
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Postby admin » Wed Nov 21, 2007 6:38 am

2 José Miguel Miniño

Fortunately, the Spanish translations on our web site are really automatic ones. As soon as most of program decriptions of the software library have been translated by 'human' translators, we will post them on our web.

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