Anyone succeeded in creating a Custom Branded Ver?

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Mine Works

Postby bobmarleypeople » Sat Aug 11, 2007 9:07 pm

Everything works except the icons. The banners work (I have some animated gifs). .ico files it seems to hate though so I have the generics, but that I don't mind. To prove it, check out my blog and click the megaupload link. Peter's Brain
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I'm having problems as well!

Postby magical » Sat Sep 01, 2007 11:35 pm

Hi to all

Has anyone figured it out yet?

Custom branding is not working

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animated icon

Postby teresao » Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:28 am

To make the animated icon to display properly on your website:

- use this code instead:

[color=blue]<!--Free Download Manager code//--> <A href=\

animated icon

Postby teresao » Tue Oct 02, 2007 5:34 am

Oops, my first reply was cut off.

As I was saying, to make your icon display properly, you have to change the URL for the image.

Instead of

Use :

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