Previous feature requests

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Previous feature requests

Postby esipoko » Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:42 am

Post your suggestions in this topic, I'll add them to this post.

Protocol and server support:
1- Support for Magnet and Meta Links.
2- Compelete bittorrent support (Like uTorrent, choosable list of trackers at torrent creation)
3- Encrypted Bittorent traffic.
4- Usenet binary/NZB support.
5- Support FTPS.
6- Mediafire support (to download from multiple servers and resume)
7- DAV Protocol support.
8- RTSP Support.
9- Rapidshare support (Speicially free mode)

User Interface
1- Tray Icon progress indicator and context menu. (sth like Getright)
2- Enhanced graph display according to file size or maximum recognized download bandwidth. (Laptops users usually use different connection types and it's somehow hard to set the multiple options for every connection.
3- Ability to rename download file name while downloading without need to pause (applied after downloading is finished)
4- display better system tray balloon toolips for noifications.
5- Choosable remaining time, speed,... format.
6- Configurable double click on downloads.
7- Easier shortcut instead of instead of Ctrl + Shift + V (Even customizable)
8- Drag and drop support (To copy downloaded files out of FDM).
9- Configurable media preview with ability of detecting popular players.
10- Sort order for all download items (Size,...).
11- Selectable preview for multimedia files (Start and end bar).
12- Customizable icons for download groups.
13- Getting file date from server.
14- Better export for downloads.
15- Hotkey to skip automatic download by FDM and temporary disabling of it.
16- Multiple download comment support.
17- Enhanced statistics (Size, time, ... for each or multiple selected downloads)

1- Remote interface to let add downloads and watch it's progress remotely (Something like utorrent web server)
2- Add pop3 support to enable remote download by sending emails.

Software System
1- Automatic start-up download without need to logon, use system account at startup (sometimes PCs crash & restart and the downloads stop )
2- Better stability and possibilty for automatic rerun after crashes.
3- More detailed log. (Helps to find problems)
4- Product version history.
5- A Linux version.
6- Unicode support.
7- More flexible 'download all' menu.(Like flashget)
8- Advanced bandwidth management for each download like utorrent.

Scheduling & Events
1- Seprate scheduling for each downloading file.
2- automatic scheduling download with wild card support (Sometimes people need to download differnt version of some files frequently and sometimes the name of these files are unknown but the address is somehow known eg. antivirus updates from FTP)
3- Automatic Antivirus checking with native support for popular antivirus software.
4- Add executable command done after download compaleted.
5- Flexible scheduling according to download compeletion.
6- Event handling in Error occurance and download compeletion. (Define some events and execute some flexible macros on events)
7- Scheduled RSS download.
8- Antivirus list for after download scan (Use this thread)

Download handling
1- Add ability to force download additional files to number of downloads limit (Usually I use the default three download limit but sometimes I need to download an additional file among my download list additionally. to do this I should change download limit to 4 or pause one of current downloads)
2- Smarter clipboard handling. (Not shown when file already downloaded or it's asp, htm,... file)
3- More options to set file parts and threads according to file size.
4- Stronger and detailed batch download with more options.
5- Use drop zone for other purposes. (like flashget).
6- More details about downloads (Like average speed, time,...)
7- Conditional prioritization for downloads and other formula based options.
8- More connections to a server.
9- Smarter download from servers' cache (download all of cached files in download list together in reasonable time to make the server wait and not delete cache)
10- Import and process of web pages (As in FlashGet).
11- Import broken downloads.
12- Customized naming formula for batch downloads.
13- Name history with auto compelete for all the boxes. (Download location, name, ...)
14- A site manager to save every website settings, number of connections, number of parts, resume and ...

Batch downloads and grouping:
1- More detailed configuration for download groups. (Set rules to catagorize according to website,... and automatic execution of files)
2- Support for multiple download group to start simoltaneously.
3- Download total files from recursive http or ftp directory structure.
4- Better settings for multiple selected downloads in the list.

1- Automatic import of cookies from IE (to enable user download email attachment, ...)
2- "Download All" for other browsers other than IE.
3- Add to context menu of browser to download from none-hyper URLs.
4- Safari integration support.
5- Shorter Firefox and IE context menu (FDM instead of full name)

1- Better mirror management. (Detection of speed, number of connections, ...)
2- Editable multiple mirrors support.

Please tell me which of these features has been applied in newer versions and I'll remove them.
Dear developers, after about a year I see no usefull implement of this post's information in FDM. Please care more, answer the posts.

Thanks everybody for your posts. :)
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Postby Guest » Wed Apr 30, 2008 6:18 am



1.Please make Media preview use other program(auto detect if installed any media player for example winamp) to play media (FDM use windows media player codec to play media). to work FDM when doubleclick a download(resume and etc)?


Extendet planning of Start/Stop Downloads

Postby Aganyur » Mon May 05, 2008 7:44 pm

Extendet planning of Start/Stop Downloads:
Start a Download if Download X is finished
Start Download if Dowload X's Speed is below Y

And similar Things. Espicially in Bittorrent Downloads this would be useful, as I sometimes have Downloads with a higher Priority, but which could be stopped or delayed in order to finish other Downloads first if its Speed is too low anyway.
Bittorrent often Blocks all my bandwith, so I want to run the Downloads one-by-one.
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Postby esipoko » Tue May 06, 2008 10:33 am

Thank you for posts. I am add the features you post weekly.

Srach for more than one mirror site

Postby MrX1980 » Wed May 21, 2008 6:38 pm


At the moment we can only switch between "" and "".

We can't use both at the same time.
Like "If don't find a file search with"

If more sites available it would be nice to add these too.

Suggestion to "Don't monitor for files smaller than xxx"

If this is active, the size should be known when the "add download" window is open. I have always to click on "query size".
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Postby Arion » Tue May 27, 2008 4:33 am

Here's my suggestion:

Rename file while downloading, instead of the need to stop download > rename file > resume download.

I'm sure this is pretty easy to do :wink:


Postby Jarin » Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:44 am

Please, this request is easy!
Replace the shortcut ctrl+shift+V (insert links from clipboard) and
make it easier ... only ctrl+V ...

I insert links manytimes every day and this would help me :idea:

Postby Radian » Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:51 am

Hi there ... Here is my issue , which is very neccesary for I myself ...

There is a great disadvantage in the FDM , and that is :

You can't start 2 different groups of url list's download individualy AND


Let me describe it better ... You can make 2 different groups in ur FDM ( eg. group 1 and group 2 )

Then u add two list of urls to each one of this groups ... and u set different

setting for each group !

but when u press START ALL DOWNLOAD !!! there will be no difference for the program where the url is located ! it will start all of them !!!

but in a program like IDM , there is this feature that you can start download of this two Group Individualy ... it means the program will start
to download group 1's URL 1by1 and simoltaneously download Group 2's url 1by1 ... and there will be no interuption between these two jobs ...

well the advantage of this method is :

if u are a proxy sever user and u are accessing different proxy machines !

u can use more than 1 proxy machin at a time !!!!

and that is fabulous !!!



Postby Radian » Fri Jun 06, 2008 6:15 am

By the Way , the maximum number of connection to 1 server is limited to 20 !

That is something ODD !!! most Highspeed Internet Connections show their

potential on more connections than that ...

so if there is a way , fix it ... ( at least 30 )

rtsp support

Postby guest » Sat Jun 07, 2008 5:14 pm

Please consider adding rtsp support!

It seems a lot of users have been requesting it, with ~ 70 posts and going on to 20000 views for that topic, yet it does not show up in the "consolidated list of requests"?

Please add support for streaming protocols like rtsp to the "wish list"!

I should think that this would be a most popular new feature.


Postby Guest » Sat Jun 14, 2008 5:18 am

You should link to the original request in the first post.

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 30, 2008 10:51 am

Ability to execute any command after download has finished. Right now this reads "Check for Virus after download", and while one can execute any DOS batch, as it seems, it would be nice, if this would

a) be handled more generic.
b) already come with certain scripts ready to use.

Personally I like the idea of conversion of ZIP archives to 7Zip right after download has finished.

Parsing (pre-spider) of all links on a web-page and displaying targets them in a way it makes sense. Do you know those picture-galleries, that show a thumbnail and then link to another HTML file embedding that picture rather than the picture itself? Some even name that HTML page *.jpg and have a server-side redirect to a HTML page with an embedded image. It would be nice if we could handle such special cases.

I don't need the MediaPlayer. There is tools who do this better (VLC for example)

I also do not need other's opinions about a download.

It would be nice to have this modulare so one can opt out of it at install.

In the recent version it seems I do not get the active download tray-icon. It's either show or hide completely.

Also, paths appear duplicate and more in the download-path selection list-menu.

More advance scheduling

Postby bfebrianto » Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:19 pm

scheduling with scheme like X minutes after last download finished. this will be really usefull for me ^_^

Important keep alive feature!

Postby GeraldTrost » Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:16 pm

When downloading videos will the url often point to a temporary cached file on the server.
These cached files will only be available for some hours.
So for e.g 30 videos you will be able to download 10 or 20
vidoes - but when fdm s going to start the rest downloads -
they will all fail!
when fdm starts the rest these files will no longer exist on the server.
The time elapsed (this is the time fdm took to download the first bundle of vids)
will have been greater then the maximum storage time in the servers temporary cache.
So these files will be gone when fdm tries to start them.
for the waiting download jobs fdm should download a tiny portion every 5 minutes.
this would advise the caching fileserver to NOT DELETE the file in question for anaother period!
The "keep alive tread" should start every 5 minutes and it should deal with all downloads in state "waiting".
please post this into the right topic - I am not sure if I am right here.
yours, Gerald

Postby vee » Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:41 pm


two small things...

- show average dl speed of completed files in the speed column
- sort order in site explorer tab (by name, time, size)

the remote control is a fantastic idea,
need more improvements :)


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