Project New/Open/Save/Close functions

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Project New/Open/Save/Close functions

Postby bulldog56can » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:17 am

I really like this software and have been using it since the spring of 2011.
Currently running V 3.0 Build 852 with no problems on Win XP SP2.

Please consider adding a Project New/Open/Save/Close Menu Function.

I would like to take snapshots of the download history+settings so that I can restore it
at some later time. This allows switching between projects without juggling the
download folder and group definitions etc.

To switch from one project to another should carry its own download history as well as
the group definitions and other settings.

I think this is partly provided in File Export/Import Settings feature but that does not
export/import the history? ( I have not tried this but inspecting the .reg i don't see history)

I see I can export the history of downloads as html but there doesn't seem to be
the complimentary import feature?
Perhaps if the export of history had an XML format option (Project Save/Close)
it could then be consumed by an import function. (Project Open )


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