Small issue with HughesNet Modem

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Small issue with HughesNet Modem

Postby Xylomain » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:15 am

It's an odd issue. When I first got HughesNet, the download speeds were terrible, well they still are for that matter. The only way I found other than calling and complaining day in and day out was to use Free Download Manager. It helped greatly I went from 8kbps to 100+kbps.

It worked well for about a month, then one day I started a download using FDM and all was normal. I was being patient waiting for the download to finish and all of a sudden the download just stopped dead. I went through the basic troubleshooting steps, as any techie would, and when I came to pinging the Modem(HN9000 sat modem) the ping times out.

I unplug the modem and let it reboot. I can browse the internet just fine so I started the download again, and boom, download stops dead and modem isn't responding again. Happens every time I use FMD, doesn't happen on torrents or regular FTP downloads.

Anyone have any idea what would cause this? I would hate to stop using FDM as my downloads are almost nonexistent without it.

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