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American dns for netflix software: Track NetFlix movie queue from your desktop, monitor and query DNS records on DNS servers, Windows DNS server and more.

Netflixter 1.2.2138.2

4/5 (2 votes)
Platforms: Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Nov 08, 2005
Cost: $24.95US Developer: Inky Software
Netflixter is an application that allows you to manage your Netflix account faster and easier than the website interface.
* Drag and drop sorting.
* Recommend movies to friends.
* See your ratings, average ratings, and average friend ratings.
* Read reviews and information from IMDB.
* Sort your movies by Title, Star Rating, MPAA rating, Genre and Availablility!
* Import your entire rental history from day 1.
* Analyze your rental history.
file size: 900k Download Netflixter Keywords: catalog, software, help desk software, netflix download, attack

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3/5 (2 votes)
Platforms: Win98 WinME Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Feb 28, 2005
Cost: $0.00US Developer: myFlixer
myFlixer lets you keep track of your NetFlix movie Queue right from your computer's desktop. Easily see all the movies in your Queue, what's been shipped and your recent returns. It sits right in your computer's desktop taskbar and updates everytime a change occurs to your NetFlix account. Display movie cover art and the description of every movie in your Queue.
file size: 772k Download myFlixer Keywords: cd rental, net flix, myflixer, my flixer, dvd

DNS Watcher 1.2

DNS Watcher
5/5 (1 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x WinXP Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Apr 08, 2005
Cost: $26.95US Developer: SB-Software
DNS Watcher is a program designed to monitor and query DNS servers. DNS Watcher is mainly intended for use by webmasters and website operators to keep watch on their DNS entries and make sure the name servers are responding correctly. DNS Watcher allows you to enter a list of server names and host names, and DNS Watcher will query those servers periodically to make sure the servers are providing the correct results.
file size: 636k Download DNS Watcher Keywords: Dns, Mail server, dns records, monitor, dns monitoring

Fix Runtime 2105 Error 2.0

Fix Runtime 2105 Error
(not rated)
Platforms: Win 3.1x Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Windows CE Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 WinME Windows Vista Starter Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Homepage: visit
Type: Shareware Releases: Dec 31, 2010
Cost: $29.97US Developer: Fix Runtime 2105 Error
Runtime 2105 error is an error associated with Microsoft programs,
specifically with Microsoft Access in the Microsoft Office suite. It
appears while trying to access media files from NetFlix websites. Fix
Runtime 2105 error to be able to access NetFlix movies again. It
prevents access to many programs made by Microsoft and NetFlix.For
more info visit
file size: 3k Download Fix Runtime 2105 Error Keywords: Remove Runtime 2105 Error, dll Error, Runtime 2105 Error, fix xp registry, Cannot Play NetFlix Movies

Simple DNS Plus 4.00

Simple DNS Plus
4/5 (3 votes)
Platforms: Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Apr 10, 2005
Cost: $79.00US Developer: JH Software
The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003
With Simple DNS Plus you can hosts your own domain name, or simply speed up Internet access by running your own DNS server.
file size: 7471k Download Simple DNS Plus Keywords: iis, bind, ip, dhcp, Dynamic DNS

winmydns 1.50

(not rated)
Platforms: Windows2000 Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Nov 27, 2007
Cost: $299.00US Developer:
WinMyDNS is a Intelligent DNS analysis system,which Based on the windows platform
file size: 767k Download winmydns Keywords: Dynamic DNS, win dns, dns, dns development

Interactive DNS Query 1.2

Interactive DNS Query
5/5 (1 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x WinXP Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Aug 14, 2005
Cost: $0.00US Developer: SB-Software
Interactive DNS Query is a program designed to allow you to perform a query of DNS records. It is similar to the unix "dig" or "nslookup" commands, and uses a convenient GUI interface. Interactive DNS Query allows you to query for all types of DNS records, including A, MX, TXT, NS, etc.
file size: 522k Download Interactive DNS Query Keywords: FTP, nslookup, game, dns lookup, Dynamic DNS

DNS Automation Library 1.2

DNS Automation Library
(not rated)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Mar 01, 2005
Cost: $0.00US Developer: Rowanvale Software
This programming library allows you to easily automate Windows DNS servers with hardly any code. Don't re-invent the wheel or spend hours of frustrating hours trying it code DNS servers yourself. Use this library and get the job done in next to no time!
file size: 288k Download DNS Automation Library Keywords: automation, dns, Dynamic DNS, wmi, FTP

American Pictures Screensaver 1.0

American Pictures Screensaver
(not rated)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Apr 09, 2006
Cost: $17.95US Developer: Altix Soft
Views of USA... The slideshow screensaver shows: famous constructions and buildings of world-level,
american landscapes, state symbols, great sculptures, nature of America, panorama of american cities.
This screensaver includes 33 images. Saver is set to automatically fit them to your own screen size.
You can set any images from screen saver as wallpaper.
file size: 5004k Download American Pictures Screensaver Keywords: make screensaver, american screensavers, imagedancer, american images, COM

MultiDNS 1

(not rated)
Platforms: WinXP Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Feb 10, 2004
Cost: $8.00US Developer: GlobeSoft
Globesoft MultiDNS forwards DNS resolution requests to a list of secondary DNS servers, one by one, until the request successfully has been carried out and the name has been resolved. If any of the secondary DNS servers respond, but fail to resolve the name, then Globesoft MultiDNS proceeds with the next server in the list.
file size: 4000k Download MultiDNS Keywords: NAT, DNS, dial-up, DNS, network
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