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Dvorak software: easy interfaces helping you to learn to type, The better way of doing your typing on PC, Multifunctional touch-typing tutor and more.

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor 3.0.0

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor
(not rated)
Platforms: Win2000 Win7 x32 Win7 x64 Win98 WinOther WinServer WinVista WinVista x64 WinXP Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: May 18, 2011
Cost: $0.00US Developer: AskMeSoft
Learn how to touch-type and increase your typing speed in quick and effective way! MaxType PRO has features which allow you to test and develop your typing skills from the basic level to a professional one in minimal time. Innovative features: 6 different typing modes, visualized statistics, daily and weekly reports, learning time control function, built-in exercise library, personalized exercises and automatic suggestion of best typing mode!
file size: 5561k Download MaxType PRO Typing Tutor Keywords: Easy keyboard trainer, letter, Test typing speed, ear training, QWERTY

Better Typing 1.0

Better Typing
3/5 (3 votes)
Platforms: Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Jul 17, 2006
Cost: $5.00US Developer: Giletech e.K.
The better way of doing your (daily) typing on PC : You can Touch Type immediately without having to learn Touch Typing. Using spell checker in every Application.
file size: 832k Download Better Typing Keywords: drills, keyboard, Check, spell checking, keyboarding

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor 3.3

Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor
4.57/5 (7 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x WinXP Windows2000 Linux Mac Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Sep 28, 2005
Cost: $25.95US Developer: Runtime Revolution Ltd
Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor teaches the skill of touch typing in an accessible step-by-step way. It provides full and proper QWERTY and Dvorak tuition with U.S and British keyboard support. Features include: network support, a range of feedback options, and automatic weighting of lessons to get you learning most effectively. Suitable for learners of all ages; it is used in homes, schools, universities and businesses. Friendly and easy to use.
file size: 8500k Download Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor Keywords: Typed, download, runtime, avi, typingmaster

Stamina Typing Tutor 2.5

Stamina Typing Tutor
3.5/5 (2 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: May 18, 2005
Cost: $0.00US Developer: TypingSoft
Amusing, yet multifunctional touch-typing tutor with support for several layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak etc. ONLY in Stamina besides the traditional finger positioning on the keyboard are you offered an ALTERNATIVE method (to reduce hand stress)! After having gone through the fire, water and the course, you will be able to swiftly type away long emails (spam), efficiently misbehave in chat rooms, ICQ and so on without ever looking at the keyboard!
file size: 1367k Download Stamina Typing Tutor Keywords: Trainer, keyboard, touch-typing, e-learning, program

KP Typing Tutor 7.0

KP Typing Tutor
4.5/5 (2 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Aug 08, 2004
Cost: $17.00US Developer: Zijian Huang
A number of modules let you practice basic typing course, sentences, or longer text. An on-screen keyboard and L-R hands, highlights the key and finger to be used. KP Typing Tutor supports Dvorak keyboard layouts (Dvorak and Single-handed Dvorak) with special typing courses. A typing game is for fun break.

Free companion tools are available for teachers.

Courses are in languages of English, Russian, German and Portugues.
file size: 1816k Download KP Typing Tutor Keywords: learn to type, tutor, keyboard, single, card

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