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Mobile no tracker with address in world software: vClinic SLEEP TRACKER, Ip Scanner,Port Scanner,Ip Finder,Ip Finder, Hunt down a hacker and more.


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Platforms: Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Feb 02, 2009
Cost: $0.00US Developer: vClinic - The Mobile Health co.
vClinic SLEEP TRACKER manages and tracks your sleep. Manage the hours you sleep, sleep quality, sleep interuptions, dreams, etc. Sleep quality affects weight. Chart your sleep against your weight etc. vClinic SLEEP TRACKER runs on almost all mobile phones. If you wish, you can send your sleep data from your mobile to one of our e-Clinics for professional analysis. Prove to your husband how much he snores with vClinic SLEEP TRACKER.
file size: 110k Download vClinic SLEEP TRACKER Keywords: Track, Loan, snooze, task tracking, sleep monitoring

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pcHacker Tracker 3.2

pcHacker Tracker
4.5/5 (2 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Commercial Releases: Aug 26, 2004
Cost: $14.95US Developer: Internet Security Allaince, Inc
pcHacker Tracker is the most simple and reliable way to hunt down a hacker.
See in real time how hackers from all over the world try to get into you computer every few minutes.

You will be able to see their country, city and even get a phone number and e-mail address to report them in each individual case.
file size: 2002k Download pcHacker Tracker Keywords: Port, hackers, firewalls, information security, scanner

Earth Location for Java ME GPS Phones 1.0

Earth Location for Java ME GPS Phones
(not rated)
Platforms: Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Jul 11, 2010
Cost: $0.00US Developer: 8Mail
GSM mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network. Based on repeater triangulation, the system tracks mobile phones using GPS Java ME. Find a mobile - Worried where your children, car, items are? Anxious if they stay out late? Free Registration to get peace of mind by discreetly tracking your mobile phone with our online Mobile Phone Tracking service from Internet Cafe in realtime! (SonyEricsson Mobiles/ Nokia Phones)
file size: 13k Download Earth Location for Java ME GPS Phones Keywords: time tracking, GSM tracing, gps, mobile, track mobile phones

1st Ip Port Scanner 2.0

1st Ip Port Scanner
4.5/5 (2 votes)
Platforms: WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Nov 01, 2004
Cost: $29.95US Developer: 1st Soft Inc
1st Ip Port Scanner is a very useful Ip Scanner and Port Scanner. It builds ip finder port finder ip scanner port scanner and ip tracer ip tracker ip camera in one software. It can find ip address,search ip address,trace ip address and scan ip address.And it also can find port,search port and scan port.It is easy and fast!
1st Ip Port Scanner allows for testing whether a remote computer is alive with three types ICMP, SYN and UDP.
file size: 1063k Download 1st Ip Port Scanner Keywords: find, find ip, camera, ip tracker, monitor

Mobile TV PRO 2009.11.1

Mobile TV PRO
(not rated)
Platforms: Windows CE Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 Windows Media Center Edition 2005 Windows Vista Starter Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Home Basic x64 Wind Palm OS Homepage: visit
Type: Shareware Releases: Nov 25, 2009
Cost: $49.95US Developer: Tried Tool
Mobile TV PRO is one of the few live contented service which you can use to watch TV on mobile phone. Unlike other mobile TV software, Mobile TV PRO is the only unique product of its kind, this is because of its ability to provide you with highest quality TV shows possible.The unique thing about Mobile TV PRO is that it has more than 500 TV channels from around the world which you can watch using your cell phone.
file size: 1953k Download Mobile TV PRO Keywords: dvd to mobile phone, tv on mobile, satellite, mobile television, live support

MobiWee for Blackberry 1.0.1

MobiWee for Blackberry
(not rated)
Platforms: Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: May 02, 2009
Cost: $0.00US Developer: TechStone Soft
Send ringtones, pictures, or simply browse your files from any computer, Over the Air (OTA) or using WIFI. Remotely backup or manage your contacts on your Blackberry from any web browser. Simply click to find your misplaced or stolen phone on a map!
file size: 111k Download MobiWee for Blackberry Keywords: Personal productivity software program, Phone, diet, blackberry address book, backup

Image Co-Tracker 2.0

Image Co-Tracker
(not rated)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinNT 4.x Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Nov 01, 2000
Cost: $0.00US Developer: Cogitum LC
A unique tool for creating and managing collections of images from the Internet. It automatically captures the image itself, its Internet location, Internet address where it refers, and the date of capturing. You can also assign comments and category to images, organize them, send collections by e-mail, export collections to HTML, transfer to other computers, search the collections, sort, print, and more.
file size: 525k Download Image Co-Tracker Keywords: gif, co-tracker, security, database, free

SEOContest Tracker( GlobalWarming Awareness2007 ) 1.0

SEOContest Tracker( GlobalWarming Awareness2007 )
(not rated)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinXP WinNT 4.x Windows2000 Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Jan 19, 2007
Cost: $0.00US Developer: Globalwarming Awareness2007 Info
SEO Contest Tracker (GlobalWarming Awareness2007 edition) is an useful tool that alows you to monitor rankings during the SEO World Championship. It's easy to use, free, and has an intuitive interface. Results are exported into a TXT file. Results are calculated based on website position in top tree search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN Search. It can be used even if you are not participating to globalwarming awarness2007 seo contest edition.
file size: 398k Download SEOContest Tracker( GlobalWarming Awareness2007 ) Keywords: SEO Contest Tracker, GlobalWarming Awareness2007, internet monitoring

FriendsAndFlirt 1.08

(not rated)
Platforms: Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Jun 26, 2008
Cost: $0.00US Developer: Cocoasoft d.o.o.
FriendsAndFlirt is a fully integrated server-based mobile or web data service. It enables people to connect all around the world with text, pictures, sound, photos ... on a mobile device. Are you a traveller? At any time and anywhere in the world you can find people with a profile you are looking for. You can contact people who will help you find a place to stay. You can ask the locals as regards the most interesting things in their town.
file size: 1k Download FriendsAndFlirt Keywords: Dating, live help, messaging community, FriendsAndFlirt, mobile

Trace a mobile number 1.0 1.0

Trace a mobile number 1.0
(not rated)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 Windows2000 WinXP Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Sep 03, 2010
Cost: $0.00US Developer: Trace a mobile number
Trace a mobile number
If you have searched on the Internet for ways to trace a person's mobile number, then you probably have found
that there are numerous reverse phone number lookup services available. However, don't be fooled. Just as in any
business, some offer legitimate, quality service while others are closer to a scam. Performing a phone address
lookup can be a frustrating task when it involves a cell phone number.
file size: 1340k Download Trace a mobile number 1.0 Keywords: software, trace a mobile phone number, number, can i trace a mobile number, phone
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