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Sendto software: Add powerful file tasks to your SendTo menu, Display Type and Creator codes of Mac files, Mr. 'Q' of the application launchers and more.

BatMonkey SendTo Module 1.01

BatMonkey SendTo Module
4/5 (1 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Oct 03, 2005
Cost: $0.00US Developer: MonkeyJob Systems
Simple, free time saving utility. Runs from your send to menu. Open a DOS prompt in the current folder. Send a file or directory to the command line. Set an environment variable to hold the file or folder name. Useful for those who use DOS from time to time.

Recent update: Windows XP/NT - uses cmd.exe instead of for improved stability and doskey functionality
file size: 341k Download BatMonkey SendTo Module Keywords: Name, prompt, plug-in, environment, password

Touch It

Touch It
5/5 (1 votes)
Platforms: Win98 WinME Windows2000 WinXP Windows2003 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Sep 30, 2005
Cost: $10.00US Developer: Kovalev Serguei
This program allows you to modify attributes for files and folders.

Attributes :
Date and Time for : Modified, Created, and Last Time Accessed.
And : Archive, Read-only, Hidden, System

Applied for application's version maintenance.
file size: 297k Download Touch It Keywords: desktop, touchIt, keyboarding, attribute, copy

12Ghosts QuickStart 7.10

12Ghosts QuickStart
(not rated)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x WinXP Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Feb 02, 2005
Cost: $29.95US Developer: 12Ghosts Inc.
Mr. 'Q' of the application launchers. Unlimitted hotkeys and tray icons for each entry. Open programs, documents, websites, and special system folders like StartUp or SendTo, specific control panel pages, and even registry keys in RegEdit. With a variety of unrelated functions: quick resolution changing, shutdown or logoff, remove formatting from clipboard text, set task sequence, or changing the middle mouse botton click to a double-click.
file size: 1500k Download 12Ghosts QuickStart Keywords: Launcher, free, start, desktop, tools

SendTo Magic 3.0.3

SendTo Magic
4/5 (1 votes)
Platforms: Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Jan 07, 2005
Cost: $19.95US Developer: Dunning Software
SendTo Magic 3.0 helps you maximize the powerful SendTo menu by giving you more file management options. SendTo Magic allows you to use the SendTo menu for copying and moving files, creating shortcuts and zip files, as well as uploading files to FTP sites.

SendTo Magic can help you copy and move files more quickly by remembering the folders you have recently used, and by providing a simple, yet powerful interface.
file size: 1586k Download SendTo Magic Keywords: desktop, zip, ftp client, sendto, java

Context Magic 1.0.b3

Context Magic
3.5/5 (2 votes)
Platforms: Win98 WinME WinXP WinNT 4.x Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Nov 04, 2004
Cost: $0.00US Developer:
Context Magic is a Windows Explorer context menu extension that greatly extends functionality of the standard Send To menu and allows to manage files and folders with a few mouse clicks. You can easily copy or move files to your favorite folders, open them with your favorite programs, send by email and lot more. To invoke it, just right-click a file or folder in the Windows Explorer, and point to Context Magic in the pop-up menu.
file size: 155k Download Context Magic Keywords: Document Management, file, Management, folder, content management

TC 1

(not rated)
Platforms: WinNT 4.x Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Freeware Releases: Apr 17, 2004
Cost: $0.00US Developer: Soft_Experience
TC: shell to displays the Type and Creator codes of Macintosh files using Windows NT Explorer.
Put the program tc.exe in your Windows NT director.; Open the directory called SendTo owning to your account. For ex., open the directory: c:\winnt\Profiles\Administrator\SendTo. Put the batch file tc.bat in this directory; Via NT Explorer, select file, right click, select tc.bat The Type and Creator codes of the Macintosh file are displayed in a MSDOS
file size: 4k Download TC Keywords: database, fichier mac sur pc, tc, Explorer, command line tool

AnyWhere Pro 6.3

AnyWhere Pro
2/5 (3 votes)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 4.x WinXP Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Oct 05, 2003
Cost: $19.99US Developer: Liquid Mirror Software
AnyWhere 6 Pro allows you to right click on files and folders to copy, move, zip, rename, and securely delete them. Copying filenames to the clipboard, replacing text within many files and making groups of files and folders writeable is just as easy. New features include a Recent Folders function, resizable window, secure file delete to keep prying eyes away from your sensitive data, and the ability to replace text in many files at once.
file size: 1117k Download AnyWhere Pro Keywords: File, education, right, desktop, sendto

GsLantern EASY! 2.0.00

GsLantern EASY!
(not rated)
Platforms: WinME WinNT 4.x Windows2000 WinXP Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: Sep 30, 2003
Cost: $17.80US Developer: K. Hofacker
GsLantern EASY! transfers Office and Windows files (DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, BMP etc.) to PDF/TIFF/JPEG/PNG/TEXT (ASCII). JPEG and PNG export optionally with HTML generation. Instant view and mail sending for all output formats. Optimized for simple, uncomplicated operation (Windows Explorer drag&drop, context menu) and mass throughput (arbitrarily number of files in one step, command line operation). (Graphic frontend for free GhostScript program.)
file size: 1464k Download GsLantern EASY! Keywords: DOC, PPT, SNP, HTM, free

Send It Here! 1.0

Send It Here!
(not rated)
Platforms: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT 3.x WinNT 4.x WinXP Windows2000 Homepage:
Type: Shareware Releases: May 29, 2003
Cost: $19.95US Developer: Camtech 2000
The Windows Send To menu is something everyone has but is seldom used because of its extremely limited function. Few software authors install a shortcut there and it seems like the ones that do are virtually useless shortcuts. However it can be a very useful and time saving tool with some modifications and that's' where "Send To Here!" steps in.

You can create, delete or modify shortcuts to any File, Folder, Drive or Network PC
file size: 1487k Download Send It Here! Keywords: SendTo, copy DVD, files, free, Send To

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