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Editor review of Freebie Notes

Although Freebie Notes 3.09 is not at the top of its class, the software is fine for simple reminder tasks.
The program is operated through a compact and simple menu that can be minimized to the tray when you do not need it. With the help of the software, you can create an unlimited number of differently colored notes, each of which will be displayed in a separate window on your desktop. It is undoubtedly beneficial that when you hide notes, they dock on the either screen edge for easy access. To return a note on the desktop you just have to navigate the cursor on it. The docked notes are visible no matter what application you work with and do not disappear when you restart the computer. However, being quite small, they do not hamper you using other programs.
As for the options, they are quite various. You can alter the text font, the background and title color, the size, the position of the notes on the desktop and their transparency. The sound accompaniment to the notes' events in wav format is also manageable. What's more, you can determine the precise time when a note will appear on the screen of your PC. If you declare a note as a VIP-note, it will blink and have a sound accompaniment while being on the desktop. Right-clicking a note lets you access some extra options such as saving the note's text to .txt file. The Notes Editor helps to make your work with Freebie Notes even handier.
Despite all these good points about the software, there are some flaws, which are openly pointed out by the developers in the Power Soft Products Comparison option of the software. This option actually seems to have been designed just to advertise other products of the suite. Being freeware in contrast to those programs, Freebie Notes 3.09 can be fully functional to people who want to improve their time-management.
Type: Freeware
Cost: $0 US
Size: 2088 K
Reviewed by Nadin Bess
Date: Jan 30, 2007
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Freebie Notes

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Users reviews

Easy to use, free, customizeable and very helpful little program! 2007-05-23
Has a straight forward interface, is fast and easy to use, doesn't bog down system performance, and is very helpful when you are trying to remember to cancel a trial subscription so that you arent charged! :-P You can even remove the extra features that aren't in the free version so you don't have to look at them or an ad every time you start get a reminder.
Reviewed by Ian
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