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Editor review of Clicktionary

Clicktionary 3.2.2 is primarily an electronic translation tool comprising access to both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. The bilingual dictionaries provided by the software offer translations from English to more than 10 European and Asian languages and are all free; whereas the premium dictionaries work with definitions and are to be bought online.
What comes to the Clicktionary word stock, it is quite vast – each bilingual dictionary, as the developers claim, contains a collection of more than 30,000 words, while the number of entries in monolingual dictionaries is not specified. On the upside, the entries in bilingual dictionaries have a substantial amount of idiomatic phrases that can be interesting even for advanced language learners.
Another advantage of the software is that there are many ways of organizing your work with the word stock. First, you can just type the word you want to look up into the search bar and get all the available information about it in a separate window. (If several dictionaries are activated, entries from all of them will be displayed at once.) Then, in this window, you can click a link to see the related words, i.e. words that have a similar graphic or phonetic form to the word typed in the search bar. They are hyperlinked to the corresponding dictionary entries. Finally, you can organize your work with the vocabulary by means of Glossary, which is available through the Tools option. If you’d like to search for words on the fly while looking through other documents on the PC, the search bar tag, which appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen after you have folded the program window, will come in handy.
The possibility of the software to be used also as an educational and entertainment tool adds immensely to its value. Clicktionary is provided with a PV (Personal Vocabulary) section, where you can store the words you are eager to learn. The Trainer section, which contains 4 interesting and useful word games, can help you master the words from your PV as well as random words and idioms from the dictionary.
Clicktionary 3.2.2 is convenient-to-use software due to the admirably simple interface and an animated on-line tutorial. On the downside, however, you need the Internet access to take advantage of all the features of Clicktionary 3.2.2. For instance, 2 out of 4 word games demand a server connection. Nevertheless, this drawback is fully compensated by all other advantages of the program and the fact that you basically get the software for free.
Clicktionary 3.2.2 can serve as a helpful tool for all language users, both professional and amateur ones.
Type: Freeware
Cost: $0 US
Size: 24527 K
Reviewed by Nadin Bess
Date: Jan 25, 2007
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Clicktionary 2013-07-27
One of the best lingual converters ever! Worth trying!
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it make work easy for us ........
Reviewed by Tushar Chopra
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