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'Hitori' (Japanese for 'a single man' - may be a Japanised version of the title 'Solitaire') is a comparatively recent puzzle loosely based on 'Sudoku' rules. You get a tiled board filled with numbers (or effectively any conceivable symbols) - and your goal is to cross out single symbols in such way so that every column or row does not contain any duplicates. There are only two rules to mind: you cannot cross out both symbols that are adjacent either vertically or horizontally; and your final solution must not contain areas of remaining symbols surrounded by crossed out tiles. This is the whole premise.

'Inpuzzles Hitori' presents a rather casual implementation of this puzzle, with mild colours, some audio background, online tables of best times, and several difficulty levels. You can set the board size to anything from 5x5 to as much as 14x14 (not necessarily square) - which is also what the four 'difficulty' settings basically do, besides enabling/disabling 'hints' (which simply highlight duplicate symbols in a row or column). Note, however, that you will only be able to submit your times to the online table for the board sizes predefined by the difficulty settings.

Unfortunately, this is virtually all the game has to offer in addition to the original pen-and-paper puzzle; which is a real shame, considering the diversity of visual aids and helpful tools computer games usually provide. When solving a paper Hitori puzzle, you tend to make notes and circumscribe certain areas or tiles; but the only tool you get here is highlighting chosen tiles (which have to be manually de-highlighted one at a time in case of a mistake) - and its utility is at best dubious. The overly helpful 'hints', on the other hand, practically restrict the game board to the few highlighted tiles, which often dumbs the game down to choosing between one of the two possible clicks; without them, however, the game is usually dumbed down to actually finding duplicate symbols (which is especially true for larger boards). All in all, there is so little skill involved that winning is almost never satisfying, and getting onto the online high-scores list seems nothing more than recognition of your not-yet-deteriorated eysight.
Type: Shareware
Cost: $14.99 US
Size: 7791 K
Reviewed by Clive Sorensson
Date: Apr 16, 2010
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Inpuzzles Hitori

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