Community Features - Active Spyware and Adware Protection

In this version of Free Download Manager we have implemented some features based on Web 2.0 technologies.

If you use standard spyware detection programs while downloading files, you find the corrupted content only after downloading. This means you waste your time and money. In Free Download Manager you are able to take advantage of opportunities for active communication among users to receive protection from malicious content.

Using Free Download Manager 2.1, you can request the opinion of other community members on the certain file right from the download window. You can also leave your own comment if you find that the downloaded file contains spyware or adware.

We have also implemented the option of pre-download check - the program will notify you if the selected for download file contains spyware.

This is especially important as different surveys report up to 50% yearly growth of malicious downloads. Today Free Download Manager joins over 1.3 million users who download millions of files daily. We are looking forward to create community-powered spyware and adware protection and encourage you to join FDM community right now - download version 2.1. Together we can make surfing safer!

These user reviews can also guide you in your downloading. Why download useless program or crashed movie-file? With new Free Download Manager, you'll be always informed on the certain content.

Community members' opinions will be stored in our central database and moderated by Free Download Manager team to prevent useless or abusing reviews. Please check our community policy.

Your suggestion and considerations are welcome. Please contact Free Download Management Team using this form.

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