Use FDM to download RapidShare files

Using the Free Account (non-premium users):

1.   Make sure to enable browser monitoring (available in Options | Download Options | Monitoring in the menu). Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported.

2.   Open the RapidShare download URL in the browser (entering the URL manually in FDM may not work). Scroll down the page and select Free:

3.   Wait for as long as required. When the download is ready, enter the captcha code and click the Download button:

FDM will capture the download.

Note. Resuming, as well as restarting downloads is not supported for non-premium users. So if you want to re-download the file (i.e. in case the download is broken), open the URL in the browser again. Please remember that RapidShare limits the size of files you can download. To learn more, see RapidShare FAQ.

Using the Premium Account:
Premium users can enter the RapidShare download URL in FDM directly. To do so, click the button in the toolbar. In the dialog enter the URL of the file you want to download, then check the User name and password are required box and enter your login and password. Hit OK:

Alternatively, you can open the RapidShare download URL in the browser. Scroll down the page and select Premium:

Enter your login and password and hit Login.
Note. You need to log in only once. Then your login and password will be remembered.

Select Download. FDM will capture the download.

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