FDM 2.3 beta 6 build 655

Dear all! Thank you for helping us test FDM beta. We have updated it, now it’s 2.3 beta 6 build 655.

What’s new:

[+] Bittorrent: enable/disable seeding of completed downloads
[*] Improved implementation of Bittorrent protocol
[-] Sometimes a bug occurred after deleting a group of downloads
[-] Bug in portable version of FDM
[-] General bug fixes.

2 Responses to “FDM 2.3 beta 6 build 655”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi! Is the problem finally fixed, that some php redirections fail and download only the download.php? That would be the most important fix for me at the moment…

  2. sohbet Says:

    It is good product, must work on adding some features on domein, can not add link automatically (User must add link character by character, but it works fine)

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