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Extract text from a web page.

Web PrinterIt often happens that all we need in a web page is pure text, without all those graphics, links, etc. If this is your case, check out Web Printer – a basic browser whose main function is to extract text from a web page and let you save or print it. The simple browser interface displays a web page as it is in its main window, and shows bare text in a small box beside it. Read the full review.

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Dear Admin
please send a free download manager logo by email.
I want put it in my website.
thank you.

This product’s publisher seems to be out of business. There is no way to buy the product or obtain support. The download is a limited trial.

I am a student and developing a project regarding the extraction of text from web pages. It will be very helpful for me if i can get the source code for this. I can rebuild or remodel with your kind help.

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