FDM has been updated to build 737.

FDM has been updated to build 737.
Here is a list of changes since ver. 2.5 build 731:

BUILD 737: [-] Two interface bugs.

BUILD 736: [-] “Time left” column in the list of downloads didn’t show anything.

BUILD 735: [*] Performance speed optimizations for BitTorrent downloads.
[-] Sometimes downloads couldn’t be performed from Site Explorer.
[-] “Not completed+Recent” filter displayed too old downloads.
[-] Downloads list sorting bug.
[-] Some bugs of FDM BitTorrent downloads.

5 Responses to “FDM has been updated to build 737.”

  1. Scatch Says:

    Funny thoughts. Everything is told very well and absolutely clear :)

  2. sohbet Says:

    I used FDM before but then give up it. Now I would like to try. before I go to copy-dvd.org to find useful software to copy or convert. Now I would like to try this new one.

  3. Sri Krishna Says:

    I tried to download Youtube videos using the procedure mentioned in the site. but the download starts with the file name ‘watch’ and then downloads a ‘file’ type data chunk of a very low data size of say around 100-160kb and then stops. please give a solution to proper download of youtube videos.

  4. Judith Says:

    Thank you so much for this aritcle, it saved me time!

  5. Fannie Says:

    Got it! Thanks a lot again for helinpg me out!

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