FDM has been updated to build 738

FDM has been updated to build 738. What’s new:

[+] Firefox 3 support.
[+] Netscape 9 support.
[-] Interface bug in BitTorent settings.
[*] Uploader’s integration components were removed.


16 Responses to “FDM has been updated to build 738”

  1. asem sonic azofo Says:


  2. Arioch Says:

    > Uploader’s integration components were removed.

    Why ? Forever or until something fixed ?

  3. wiep12 Says:

    i dont need

  4. nimd4 Says:

    When the *Close button minimizes window* option is checked, it could (should :)) minimize to tray – regardless of the *Minimize to tray* option – this way there’s increased functionality (like in many other programs). Screenshot: http://i25.tinypic.com/dwc1go.png

  5. ibrahim Says:

    nice to meet u

  6. Llewelyn_MT Says:

    I used FDM since version 1.8, but now I run Linux only. Have you considered porting it to some multiplatform toolkit like Qt4, GTK+, SDL, or even wxWidgets? If not all of it then maybe just the functions of the Lite version. There is no good download manager for Linux so that would surely increase your user base and support from independent coders.

  7. admin Says:

    2 Arioch

    Didn’t work good, not sure when will return them.

  8. admin Says:

    2 Llewelyn_MT

    We are planning Linux version of FDM, its development will start soon.

  9. D Says:

    > Uploader’s integration components were removed.

    Bad news… It was very usefull option !!!

  10. Jack Says:

    Hope linux version of FDM is available soon. i will be ditching windows forever in a couple of hours. :)

  11. ppj Says:

    why cant i download videos from dailymotion or you tube???
    im using the ver 2.5 built 724 ? windows xp sp3
    any guess? and
    how does the site explorer work and how can i use it?

  12. Kerem Says:


    What is the latest on this FDM Linux issue? You had told you’ve been working on it 3 years ago :)

  13. Kerem Says:

    what is the lates on te FDM for Linux? You had told you’d been woking on it as a reply to a post 3 years ago :)

  14. Johnny Says:

    I used FDM before but then give up it. Now I would like to try. before I go to copy-dvd.org to find useful software to copy or convert. Now I would like to try this new one.

  15. m_goku Says:

    FDM for Linux, when will it come ?

  16. tom anderson Says:

    yeah!! a port for linux too!! :-) we linux users will be glad…

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