New Year with new FDM

Dear FDM users!

We are happy to announce that FDM will see the New Year in with a different look and feel of its own. FDM 3.0 will be released on the 1st of January, featuring numerous tweaks and innovations, such as prioritized and partial torrent downloads, support for Chrome and Safari web browsers, avast! Antivirus, multifile metalinks, FDM plugins, and many more. The new structure of FDM settings and a number of other optimizations will surely contribute to its handiness, shaping a neat and fresh impression of the familiar program.

28 Responses to “New Year with new FDM”

  1. manene Says:

    Good news… i hope that the bug with the notification area has been cleaned

  2. Kaustubhvp Says:

    really a nice news!
    new yrs gift to users.
    I was badly waiting for the updated version FDM n looking at the forum for bugs removal.
    So waiting to upload that FDM 3.0 .
    thanks a lot ppl. :)

  3. Dr. Ritalin Says:

    Dear FDM staffs,

    I would like to appreciate your great job to make such a valuable application. It made my virtual life much more easier. I would like to say even version 2.x of program has all my expectations however a new release is always welcomed!
    Happy New Year!

  4. papapa Says:

    i can’t wait for FDM 3.0!!

  5. hyjl Says:

    it has been long long time no any news or update in FDM,I’m so happy for the new 3.0.
    let see how it impress us.

  6. Visssss Says:

    hopefully FDM will stop freezing while downloading torrents.

  7. Chuen Says:

    Great News! Can’t wait! and a Big Thank You!
    I hope it will be able to download YouTube HD as well.

  8. mike Says:

    Great! Keep up the good work! Happy New Years btw :P

  9. hamid Says:

    i can’t wait for FDM 3.0!!
    i can not download . today is 1/1/2009

    download ?

  10. ruinmaster Says:

    Why dont I see NEW FDM v3? Boring!!! NEW YEAR NO NEW VERSION!!!
    I hope new version can up to connecting and downloading speed, special, I think it needs up to connecting speed before there are some new functions as same as internet explore, speed graph… I think It is more simple, more effective. Thanks.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ahsan Says:

    Hi all,
    FDM is really a great download manager i have ever seen in my life. it can do everything which i need in my daily work. thanks a lot to it’s developers and the people who contribute to make it better day by day. FDM is really better then any other download manager and plus it’s 100% free and secure with source code to understand how it works.
    i can’t wait for the new version. please release it as soon as possible.
    Thanks once again.

    Posted date 01-01-2009

  12. Saeid Says:

    I have a suggestion, If it could be possible to schedule some actions to be executed by some global keyboard shortcuts it would be great, hope you’ll add this feature for the upcoming versions. ;)
    sorry to say this here, I found no other place for feedback..

  13. kum Says:

    where’s the source?
    this is supposed to be gpl but the source link points to the binary?
    is this a trick?

  14. ABDUALLAH Says:

    FDM is the greatest download manager in the world

    Thank you very much.

    peace be upon you

  15. Hitler Says:

    How to make potable version? Have I install FDM first ?

  16. Ahmed Mustafa Says:

    Great Program Its the only free download manager to support apple safari
    HTML spider, site manager GREAT
    Easy To use. tried others like IDM (shareware), flashget, and orbit but this is great freeware and opensource
    Recommend it

  17. Text Says:

    Hello, guys! Can you, please, make a choice to make _same downloads for all users_ so that FDM users like me won’t have to leave their users turned on in background even though someone else is at the computer just to continue downloading? That would be very helpful. ^.^

  18. t1470258 Says:


    I’ve been watching FDM for over 2 years now and looking for a support of “descript.ion” files. It is basically a single text file per folder in the form: filename[blank]description ;per line…

    It used to be supported more so many other applications still support it for users like me. Your rivals ReGet and IDM still supporting it which is basically the reason I can’t switch to FDM because of this although I’m aware FDM is superior in many other ways…

    “descript.ion” is basically a centralized version of .dsc.txt files which is only supported by FDM whereas many file managers like TCMD and DOpus support otherwise…

    So please support “descript.ion” in the near future…


    PS: As a bug FDM doesn’t even create .dsc.txt when user didn’t entered any comment yet IDM and ReGet fill “descript.ion” with: filename[blank]URL ;even if user lefts commenting blank…

  19. Alex jude Says:

    I am happy regarding free dowload manger.
    and very nice information

    thank you,

  20. discount k cup coffee Says:

    Thank you very much.

  21. admin Says:


  22. ABS Says:

    Hi FDM is very good Download Manager !!

    I would like to see one feature included in new version where we can select and move the downloads to any folder or newly created folder. This would make sorting and segregation of old downloads more easy. I normally open my downloaded files directly through FDM rather going through windows explorer and as its difficult to find old downloads if the list is very big.

  23. Mehrdad Says:

    FDM is awesome! The only problem is it does not support newer releases of chrome browser.

  24. Rudz Says:


    I’m a long time user of FDM, and really enjoy using it. One thing that gets to me though is the TreeView on the left hand side. On some occasions there’s a horizontal scrollbar between “Software” and “Video” under the “All Downloads” node. If you scroll this scrollbar the following columns appear: File, Url, Added, Downloaded, Size, SavedTo, Comment. A hidden ListView perhaps?

    But that hasn’t stopped me from using it.

    Keep up the good work



  26. shareef Says:

    Hi FDM is very good Download Manager !!

  27. Cordy Says:

    You’re the one with the brnais here. I’m watching for your posts.

  28. iahq76 Says:

    That’s Good News, excellent job done by FDM Team, requested that get new version digitally signed if possible, if not, even than its working like charm.

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