FDM 3.9 RC 1 is here

3.9 RC1 build 1194. (Jan 24, 2012)
[*] Updated the Bittorrent downloader module (fixed: High memory usage when downloading torrents greater than 2 GB).
[+] Firefox 10, Firefox 11, Firefox 12 support.

Please feel free to download FDM from our Forum: http://freedownloadmanager.org/board/viewtopic.php?t=15901

28 Responses to “FDM 3.9 RC 1 is here”

  1. Rainer Says:

    Please support HTML5 Video…

  2. basirbhai Says:


  3. Ebrahim Says:

    Thanks. FDM is cool, I like it :D

  4. Gunkhas Says:

    Awesome, now i can use it on firefox 10.
    Great job.
    Thank you.

  5. sanjeev Says:

    It is fantastick movement of downloader

  6. sanjeev Says:

    It is good

  7. Alex Says:

    It doens’t work on Firefox 10, dude.

  8. Anthony Says:

    Does not support Firefox 10.

  9. maulana Says:


  10. Batbileg Says:

    Hi, Why FDM can’t download any video file in Google Chrome?

    Why no context menu in Google Chrome?

  11. Gunkhas Says:

    Well, if it doesn’t support, follow these instructions :
    1. Install Firefox 10
    2. Upgrade FDM Last Version to FDM 3.9 Beta 1
    3. Reinstall again FDM 3.9 Beta 1

    Hope it help, sorry if it not work.

  12. Blackcrack Says:

    fdl install directory -> Firefox plugin

    c:\Program Files\Free Download Manager\Firefox\extension\

    edit install.rdf

    search :


    12.*.* must it be !! or 40.*.* ;)

    happy fun !

  13. liezel Says:

    great! now i can use it on firefox 10! Marla Ahlgrimm

  14. mallow Says:

    Thanks! Good job..Keep up the good work..

  15. nowaydee Says:

    just install flashgot addons,

    it works for me

  16. Azad Labs Says:

    You Guys are doing great work !, Free download manager is one of the best free download manager available today.The first thing i do after installing windows 7 is download the free download manager ,which helps me to download all the required files.

    And i will also request you to make a version of FDM for LINUX , so that it will be easy for us to make use of FDM on windows and linux . azadlabs.com Thank you !

  17. jagpriya singh Says:

    its working Fine with Firefox 10

  18. Waterfox Says:

    Support for 64-bit browsers like IE9 and Waterfox.

  19. Jigu Says:

    Hey, It workes on FF10 and Even FF11 too. I faced no any problem on it.

  20. Ron Francis Says:

    I can’t get monitoring to work with Firefox 11.
    I’ve been waiting for the next RC because there is nothing else as good as this software (when it works).

  21. Hotchili Says:

    FDM is nice and thanks for it. But, the updates are very, very slow. I use 3.9RC1 and already the download of videos from YT (and not only) is not working anymore (with Mozilla 11). Can this be solved with a 3.9 Final or even 4.0? I hope yes, but not in 2018.

  22. owen Says:

    GOOD JOB GUY……………

  23. Stanley Says:

    Please make FDM support Unicode on the filename of the downloading file.
    FDM is an international software and people will be glad about it if it can support Unicode.

  24. fren Says:

    not support in opera 11 high..
    why in google chrome fdm not work

  25. vedi Says:

    It does not support download from Youtube, as now Youtube uses html 5 video. I can’t download it with FDM anymore, because the download link at the top pops out no more. Please fix it. T_T

  26. working online from home jobs Says:

    I like this blog for any post . Thanks for sharing.

  27. Ejiuche Ikechukwu Says:

    i appreciate your work, thanks

  28. bc Says:

    Very good, guys!

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