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Enjoy improved FDM 5.1 beta!

Dear all!

Our team is excited to inform you about the release of Free Download Manager 5.1 beta!

We did our best to bring you a brand-new version of FDM with improved stability and performance. This version is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, provides fast YouTube downloads and features a powerful torrent client. Now you can enjoy a more easy-to-navigate interface that supports efficient interaction with the core, which eventually results in lower CPU and memory consumption. Also, you have the option to take advantage of Internet Explorer integration and experimental support of Microsoft Edge. The new ‘Snail mode’ will allow you to get files at low speeds without closing any connections, whereas the file space preallocation feature should greatly facilitate downloading of large files.

We’d like to thank all the users who helped us improve our FDM client by submitting feedback and feature suggestions. Your participation is very important to the overall functionality and efficiency of our client, and we plan to add even more features in future releases.

So, don’t wait anymore, download the new FDM 5.1 beta and share your constructive feedback on our forum!

Download for Windows 32-bit
Download for Windows 64-bit
Download for Mac OS X

Meet New and Completely Revamped FDM 5

Dear FDM Users!

We’re proud to announce that the new Free Download Manager 5.1 is now available to public. After months of hard work and extensive testing, our team would like to offer you a more streamlined UI with a friendlier approach to configuration. Thanks to the revamped software engine, you will enjoy  efficient and stable multi-thread downloading as well as overall better performance and responsiveness. FDM5 features cross-platform support for both Windows and Mac OS. You’re very welcome to try out the configuration capabilities FDM5 comes with and offer new ideas and options on our forum!

Download for Windows 32-bit
Download for Windows 64-bit
Download for Mac OS X

What’s new:
– Revamped software engine
– Better performance and responsiveness
– Mac OS X support

System requirements:
– Windows 7 and higher
– Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Known issues:
– No support for Windows XP/Vista. In case of popular demand, support for older versions of Windows may be renewed in future releases.

Meet New FDM5 Build 5140

Dear Users,

We’re pleased to inform you that we have launched a new version of FDM5! You’re very welcome to download our client with an updated add-on for Firefox 41+ and overall enhanced stability.

Please keep in mind that since Firefox introduced extension signing, the previous versions of FDM5 won’t be compatible with the browser any more. However, until next January, it’ll still be possible to delay the verification process and re-enable the plug-in. Read more here on our forum.

Download FDM 5 Preview

Build 5140 (2015-09-20)

[*] Firefox add-on updated to be compatible with new Firefox 41+

Known issues:

[*] ‘Download video with FDM’ menu item is shown on any page, although it works only with YouTube videos.

New Stable FDM ver. 3.9.6 Released

Dear all!

Our team is delighted to inform you that FDM ver. 3.9.6 has been released. This release is oriented on stability. Dear Windows XP Users, please accept our apologies for the inconveniences you have experienced with the version 3.9.5. The bugs that caused the client instability have been fixed.

The actual FDM release can be discussed and downloaded at our Forum.

[+] BitTorrent sequential downloads checkbox added
[*] Bugs present in ver. 3.9.5 fixed
[*] YouTube downloads can be resumed after a long pause

Best regards,
FDM Support Team

FDM 5 Preview (Build 4726.1)

We are rolling out a new update to FDM 5 Preview, it is mainly focused on fixing some known bugs, but it also improves usability in ways suggested by our users.

When installing a new build, you will be asked to uninstall the previous installation of FDM 3. Please note that FDM3 uninstaller will ask you whether you want to remove your download list/settings/etc. Answer NO to keep the ability to move back to FDM3 without losing anything!

Never forget to BACK UP your old FDM 3.x *.sav service files BEFORE installing and testing new FDM 5 alpha. They may be too large to be properly converted to FDM5 format or broken during coversion.

Build 4726.1(2015-04-27)
[*]Improved performance
[*]Improved RAM consumption
[*]Improved stability
[*]Support for Enhanced protected mode in IE11+/Win8
[*]Upon user requests, Del removes the record of a download from the list whereas Shift+Del removes the file from disk as well. The same way the Recycle Bin button on the panel now removes the download record as opposed to the file itself.
[*]Restarting Chrome is no longer required to apply Chrome monitoring settings
[*]Copy URL works correctly for unfinished Youtube downloads
[*]Improved Unicode support for torrent data
[*]Resolved the issue with scrolling on Surface tablets

Known issues
[-]Pressing Del in some dialog windows (i.e., Preferences) may be handled as an attempt to delete the active (selected) download
[-]Actions for context menu items “remove from list” and “delete file(s)” are mixed up
[-]There still are usability issues with scrolling on Surface tablets that will be resolved in the future