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Perfect software for trip planning or traveling.

Schmap European Capitals is actually a set of highly interactive maps with dynamically integrated travel guide information. We are sure that once you use this software, you’ll never turn back to old-fashioned paper maps. Schmap maps are intuitive, zoomable, customizable and ready to provide heaps of information about any selected location by a single click. Read the full review.

Color personality test

Accurate Personality Test lets you learn more about your emotional state and determine your psychological problems through colors. The program offers a simple three-stage test, during which you just have to consequently pick colors that appeal to you. Although one may think that it can be down to the so-called ‘cold reading’ (things true of a considerable number of people), we do get the impression that the results reflect the reality. Even if you are not serious about it all, this free software will let you have some fun anyway.

Recognize a language by a single phrase.

Polyglot 3000 is a curious program that recognizes over 4,000 languages by a word, a phrase, a sentence or a text typed in the program window. To recognize a text, you just have to insert it into the input field and click the corresponding button. You can set the software to search for a correspondence in all languages, only prominent languages or Cyrillic ones. Read the full review.

Check new e-mails without logging into your accounts.

Those users who have heavy e-mail traffic might find it irritating to constantly login to their accounts to see if there are any new messages. This problem can be easily solved by Email Arrival Notifier, which docks in the tray and gives you visual and audio notifications as soon as you get new e-mails. The types of accounts are restricted to POP3, Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and IMAP. Overall, we find Email Arrival Notifier quite reliable, except for the fact that in out tests it failed, for some reason, to check Yahoo! Mail accounts.

A multitalented video and audio editing utility.

Xidea DVD Editor Plus is a nice pick for everyone who enjoys making original home videos and sound tracks. It lets users split and join video files, make slide-shows and supply them with original audio files. The software also allows applying a wealth of video effects to your project, such as color adjustment, blurring and diffusion effects, drawing frames, zoom, mirror and flip transformations and many more. Though at first sight the software may seem complex, it can be operated easily even by novices due to the abundance of in-program help.

Backup the vital data on your PC.

Noing Backup Data is a user-friendly tool that lets you archive your important data. It enables you to backup files and folders, registry keys, e-mails and user settings to virtually any destination. The program has a wizard-driven interface; moreover, new users will appreciate the opportunity to view the quick tour. Besides, the program scores points for its free price. Read the full review.

Increase your cultural awareness.

What does the OK gesture mean in Japan? Why shouldn’t you salt your food when invited for dinner to an Egyptian’s home? What should you not ask when interviewing an Indian candidate for a job? Find answers to these and many other questions in an online resource providing heaps of useful information on intercultural communication. Read the full review.

Simple data protection tool.

Hide My FilesHide My Files offers a simple file protection algorithm wrapped in an utterly simple interface. You can only lock or unlock folders from within the program which is password protected, so nobody will be able to hack your data unless they know the password. Hide My Files does not actually hide locked folders – they are visible but masked with a control panel icon. We see the software as a reliable solution to secure your data from intruders provided you don’t mind that your files are protected but not hidden. Read the full review.

Extract text from a web page.

Web PrinterIt often happens that all we need in a web page is pure text, without all those graphics, links, etc. If this is your case, check out Web Printer – a basic browser whose main function is to extract text from a web page and let you save or print it. The simple browser interface displays a web page as it is in its main window, and shows bare text in a small box beside it. Read the full review.

Dreaming of space tourism?

If you ever wanted to gaze down on our planet from space, try Cities of Earth 3D Free Screensaver. The screensaver features our planet revolving at the speed it actually does. It is particularly curious that it lets you see the Earth just as it looks like now, the moment you are running the program. You’ll also be able to see the world’s largest cities marked with bright spots. There is also a zoom in/ out function, which lets you see the planet much closer.