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Archive for December, 2006

Learn everything about USB devices previously connected to your PC.

USBDeviewUSBDeview is a small freeware app that lets you view details about USB devices that anybody ever used with your PC. The program does not require installation and is very easy to use. Just double-click the .exe file and see the list of all USB devices that were previously or are currently connected to your computer. The program also provides details about each USB device, such as its description and type, product ID, serial number (for mass storage devices), etc. The software also lets you uninstall USB devices you used before and safely disconnect the ones that are currently connected to your PC. Read the full review.

Learning to speed read can be fun.

Bullet ReaderIf you feel your reading speed can be faster, try out Bullet Reader. The software teaches you to speed read by giving you a variety of reading drills and eye exercises to expand your field of view and improve your concentration. Before starting the drills you take a reading test, and the program adjusts its speed according to your results to keep the difficulty level high enough to challenge you. Bullet Reader strikes us as a solid tool that can help you increase your reading speed. Read the full review.

Yet another way to make your child feel special.

santa's letter creatorIf your kids haven’t yet outgrown the belief in Santa or you would like to revive the belief, Santa’s Letter Creator is what you need. True to its name, the software lets you create and print out personalized letters from Santa to make kids feel special on Christmas Eve. If you are not much of a writer, Santa’s Letter Creator will help you out as it offers the choice of 6 different letters as well as 6 different designs. The program also boasts an address book where you can store an unlimited number of names and addresses. You can also send emails right from within the program. The software is fun and easy to use, and can be of interest not only to parents but to anybody who would like to please the young ones.

Useful software for music collectors

CATraxxCATraxx is a full-featured music cataloging program that lets create a database for your music collection, no matter how large it is. The most eye-catching feature is the opportunity to download CD data from CDDB (Compact Disc Database). As soon as you insert a CD into your CD-ROM drive and press the hotkey combination, the program gives you full information on music you play. Among other options is a built-in player and playlist manager, statistics module to analyze your collection, opportunity to create reports using one of the 100 pre-defined layouts, and what not. The software seems an ideal choice for music junkies and collectors, while mere mortals may find the program too complicated.

Domain name search made easy.

Domain QuesterSearch for a domain name, as someone said, is like trying to find the Holy Grail. You should be prepared to spend days searching for a domain name that suits your needs. And it can take as long as months to find a domain name that is not yet taken. Anyway, before you start searching, try out Domain Quester. This app lets you do the search by entering keywords that you’d like to be contained in your domain name. After generating a list of domain names, the program also tells you which of them are free for registration. Read the full review.