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Dreaming of space tourism?

If you ever wanted to gaze down on our planet from space, try Cities of Earth 3D Free Screensaver. The screensaver features our planet revolving at the speed it actually does. It is particularly curious that it lets you see the Earth just as it looks like now, the moment you are running the program. You’ll also be able to see the world’s largest cities marked with bright spots. There is also a zoom in/ out function, which lets you see the planet much closer.

Save your eyesight with Eyes Dropper.

Eyes DropperIt’s no secret that your devotion to work may damage your eyesight. EyesDropper will force even maniacal workaholics to take breaks from work. The software is ultimately simple but does its job well. You set your working time and pause length and when it’s time for a break, the screen turns black offering you to take a rest. You can return to the usual work mode only after the set rest time has run out. Read the full review.

A perpetual calendar with the world clock function.

TimestimatorWant a smarter alternative to conventional calendars? Try Timestimator. It spares you the effort of calculating anything by hand when you need to know duration between two dates or vice versa, calculate a due date for any event. Moreover, the software instantly tells you time difference between your city and any remote location and current time in any part of the world. Read the full review.