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Archive for December, 2007

FDM has been updated to build 737.

FDM has been updated to build 737.
Here is a list of changes since ver. 2.5 build 731:

BUILD 737: [-] Two interface bugs.

BUILD 736: [-] “Time left” column in the list of downloads didn’t show anything.

BUILD 735: [*] Performance speed optimizations for BitTorrent downloads.
[-] Sometimes downloads couldn’t be performed from Site Explorer.
[-] “Not completed+Recent” filter displayed too old downloads.
[-] Downloads list sorting bug.
[-] Some bugs of FDM BitTorrent downloads.

FDM has been updated to build 731

Dear all! FDM has been updated to build 731.
Here is a full list of changes since build 718:

BUILD 731: [-] Sometimes crashed when downloading from Internet Explorer.

BUILD 730: [-] Downloads from Internet Explorer did not work sometimes.

BUILD 729: [-] Bug sometimes occurred when importing downloads.

BUILD 728: [+] ’Set default download folder’ button.
[*] Interface improvement for results window in ‘Create batch download’ dialog.

BUILD 727: [-] Groups were not imported from versions earlier than 2.3.

BUILD 726: [*] Interface improvement for FDM data folder settings window.

BUILD 724: [*] Improved start time for large downloads.
[-] Interface bug fix for BitTorrent downloads.

BUILD 723: [*] Improved ‘launch’ and ‘open folder’ commands for BitTorrent downloads.
[-] Crashed when downloading from BitTorrent with large comment fields.
[-] Bug after setting by default the folder without backslash at the end.

BUILD 721: [-] Sometimes 100% CPU load when downloading via BitTorrent.
[-] Sometimes crashed when checking if the download is malicious.
[-] Sometimes downloads may not start automatically if there were some finished BitTorrent downloads at the top of the list.