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Free Download Manager proved itself as a high-quality, powerful and extremely popular product which let FDM Development Team provide the best customer experience for as long as it has existed. Now we are glad to offer you a custom branded version of this well-known product, for free.

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Important: You MUST place a link to our site on any page where you advertise custom branded versions of FDM (copy and paste one of the HTML codes from the "Link to us" section).

What is a Custom Branded Version of FDM?

It is a highly customizable version of FDM that contains YOUR banners, YOUR site icon and links to YOUR site in the program window which will make your web site easily accessible for thousands of users and therefore encourage more repeat visitors to your site. You can create your custom version of FDM for free.

Let your visitors know that you are just one click away!

The idea behind having a custom branded version of FDM is that you give away your own custom branded version of the program. Your name and links to your site will be in users' face each time they run the software. It will give you more and more exposure, so you will get more and more return visitors to your site! The greatest thing about custom branded software is that it will keep on bringing visitors to your site for years!

What you will get:

  • An opportunity to upload up to 4 banners into the program. Every time a user works with Free Download Manager, your banners will rotate in the program window.
  • An opportunity to display a button linked to your site with your site icon in the program window, so that your site will be only one click away from the user.
  • An opportunity to build a button leading to your site into the user's Internet Explorer toolbar, so that only one click is needed to get to your site even if the user is not running the program at the moment.
  • An opportunity to add links to your site to user's Start menu and Favorites menu.
  • An opportunity to set your site as user's browser home page.
  • An opportunity to promote your products by specifying up to 5 URLs that will be added to the initial downloads list and one URL that will be downloaded automatically at the first FDM start.
  • An opportunity to easily generate an updated build if the program gets an upgrade.

We can provide a more serious customization of FDM to meet your specific needs (cost of this version starting at $1000). Let us know about it filling the contact form.

Note: Please, select "Customization" in the Subject drop-down list when filling the Contact form.

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Sep 13, 2023
Dear FDM users! We acknowledge the reports regarding the security concerns and assure you that we're actively investigating them. Maintaining your trust is our top priority, and we strive to present a straightforward and honest description of the situation. Unfortunately, we must confirm a past breach of our site. Based on our findings, a specific web page on our site was compromised by…
Mar 31, 2023
Dear FDM users! We are thrilled to announce that Free Download Manager is now available on the Microsoft Store! Download FDM if you haven’t already to make downloading files faster, easier, and more efficient. Please leave a positive review and vote for the app on the store. Your feedback and support will help us to continue improving FDM and provide the best downloading experience possible. Thank you for choosing Free Download Manager!
Mar 15, 2023
Dear FDM users! We have great news for you! Free Download Manager has been updated to 6.19 and now boasts a wealth of new features and improvements. The revamped version of FDM can launch external applications after download is complete, remember the last used scheduler's settings as default ones, and automatically remove finished downloads after a certain period specified by the user. Moreover, to bring a better user experience, FDM 6.19 includes a refurbished sort-by-status algorithm, an improved download traffic managing mechanism, and several new BitTorrent options. You are welcome to update FDM to the latest release and share your feedback on our forum!
Dec 24, 2022
Dear All! Holiday greetings to you and the ones you spend it with! At this magical time of year, we would like to take the opportunity to express how grateful we are for your support. With the release of FDM 6.17 boasting a whole range of new features and a completely revamped design of the FDM website, it has been a pretty fruitful year for us. We are so excited to have you a part of our team and are so truly thankful for your honest feedback. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays! May 2023 be a peaceful, joyful and successful year! Enjoy this time of year, and we’ll see you in the next one!
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