Help us form the new and better FDM 5 user experience

Try out FDM 5 and give us your opinion on what could be improved and what new features it could benefit from. Your feedback is the foundation of what the future FDM 5 will look like.

New features
  • Added Mac OS X version
  • Completely revamped and more streamlined UI
  • Preview thumbnails for downloads
  • Ability to choose separate files via checkboxes in torrent downloads
  • Control file priorities for torrent downloads (High/Normal/Low)
  • More shortcut keys, like Ctrl+V / Cmd+V
  • Comfortable control over bandwidth
Still in the works
  • Import of History from FDM 3 and FDM 5.0 is turned off
  • Integration with Internet Explorer is not available
Necessary Precautions

Making backups is not necessary as long as you DO NOT uninstall the previous versions you were using. FDM 5.1 Beta DOES NOT interfere with any of the FDM 3.9.* service files (.sav) nor does it import settings/downloads from older FDM verions.

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System Requirements
  • Operating system:
    • Windows 7/8/10
    • Mac OS X 10.9+
  • RAM: 512MB+ (1GB+ recommended)
  • Browser: any, but integration is only available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer