FDM has been updated to build 706

FDM has been updated to build 706.


[-] Youtube.com, Dailymotion.com support updated
[-] Unknown error when query size of file >2GB
[-] Hang of browser when creating a new download while “create new
upload” dialog was opened.

30 thoughts on “FDM has been updated to build 706”

  1. somebody please help, i can’t download from rapidshare.com. All i am able to download from rapidshare.com is html text file rather than the original video file. I don’t know what to do? FDM works fine for me while downloading from megaupload or turbo upload .

  2. A try to use bittorrent shown an error:
    Connecting tracker…
    Failed to receive the valid response from the tracker.

    Although my BT client (uTorrent worked well. I think one should update used protocol.

  3. Thank you for your hard works. I had been use this free tool for 3 years.

    Fix and fix again is the key of change.

    Thank you again.

  4. 2 Anthon:

    Actually, FDM does feature rapidshare support. If you would like us to give you more information on how to use this feature, please go to Support section and submit your question there.

  5. Thank you, I’m using FDM for several years successfully. I faced a severe problem yesterday, it is continuing. I’m using 2.1 build 498 on W2000 SP4. When any other program (Thunderbird, MSN, Skype etc) is working besides FDM, after some time FDM is stopping function, blocking all other transfers also. The system is also blocked such that even Ctrl-Alt-Del is not functioning. If no specific system related requests are done the other programs can be accessed and seems working, but I didn’t analyse the exact behavior. The only way is to hard reset the computer. I’ll install 2.5 and see what will happen.

  6. I rate 5 stars to it, I’ve been trying lot of downloader software, but this is it! FDM the best, no annoying ads, no spam, download is good. Comparing to “that” download accelerator, FDM is far more excellent, I’m loving it!

  7. It doesnt freaking work with rapidshare. I aint a noob, and i know how to do it, still it doesnt download from RS. More people have this problem and you simply ignore them. Sad.

  8. It works with rapidshare.com burt if you have a firewall or AV that’s blocking the program it wont work. I had to make specific rules in my kasperksy firewall for it to work

  9. To the FDM creators:
    I’m a new user. So my doubt is: Why do I receive the message FAILED TO RECEIVE THE VALID RESPONSE FROM THE TRACKER? That’s been happening with ALL downloads, even with small ones. What mistake am I making?
    GILBERTO SAUGEN — from Brazil

  10. This appears to be a good software albeit incompatible with RapidShare. I have a premium account with RS but still can’t get anything than a 10KB invalid file which I guess is some html.
    Why don’t FDM developers put a detailed readme or help for running FDM with RS? Is is that complicated?

  11. I can answer most of your questions. It does work with Rapidshare, but you have to have a premium account. Rapidshare uses picture security for free downloads, so you can’t just make a list of the links. If you do have a premium account, you need to go to the site manager tab and add your premium rapidshare information. Then you can copy all your links and import them from the clipboard.

    FDM will work with SOME torrents. Premium torrents will need to have a dedicated program to work. Most trackers require that you register from their site, and then you have to start the download from their site after you’ve signed in. This feature does not work with FDM. You can only download torrents that do not require that you register with the tracker. Utorrent is a better torrent program.

  12. Hi

    The “Check for update” feature still does not work at all.
    Will it ever be fixed?

    On the other hand this is the best download manager EVER! I tried to switch away from it but I could not find any better software even amongst the payware and I have tried quite a lot of them.

  13. Hi,
    I m a big fan of fdm….but for the last few days i m facing a problem.
    When i download torrents sometimes fdm hangs up in the middle of downloading…not only that it hangs my pc as well….nothing even ctrl+alt+del doesnt work..!!!
    the only way out is to switch off my pc…anyone has a solution???

    Pls Reply!!!

  14. v3, build 852

    I’ve been having issues with rapidshare downloads. I have a premium account, and when I try to add a link, it is reported as ‘not found’. I have reentered user/login info, made sure the firewall is allowing fdm, but I am able to download the file reported as ‘not found’, via my browser.

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