FDM has been updated to build 713

FDM has been updated to build 713.

What’s new:

[*] Significant download speed improvement for BitTorrent
[-] Sometimes FDM could make network problems while downloading via BitTorrent
[-] Sometimes FDM could freeze with 100% CPU usage while downloading via BitTorrent
[-] Sometimes name of file was not detected correctly (HTTP)
[-] Bug when server returned incorrect response with resume data
[-] Sometimes sort of downloads list did not work
[-] ‘Out of memory’ error at the start of dial connection schedule.
[-] Zip preview did not work
[-] ‘Unknown error’ message when query size of files was >2GB.
[-] Sometimes FDM crashed when downloading files >2GB.

27 thoughts on “FDM has been updated to build 713”

  1. I can’t get the BitTorrent download to work:

    “Failed to receive the valid response from the tracker”

    I’ve tried several torrent sites including the Ubuntu site posted above (I did try their Tribe 5 download too).

    After it’s sent the request to the tracker it gives up after just a few seconds.

    Otherwise, I’ve been using FDM for over a year now and love it. I just found v2.5 and upgraded today.

  2. hi,

    could you guys provide the software in .zip file ? as in, without the installer. it would make it easier to carry the software on the usb pen disk, which i imagine alot of people would want.

    by the way, i’m only making this sugestion because free download manager is the only download manager worth using.

    congrats you guys, your software rules!

  3. 2 Yousaf

    You can download files using Bittorrent protocol in any of the following ways:

    · If FDM is set to be associated with .torrent files (the corresponding box in the Bittorrent options dialog is checked), each time you open a .torrent file (e.g. by double clicking it), FDM will open up and prompt you to create a torrent.

    · Simply download a .torrent file from the internet. FDM will automatically create a torrent.

  4. I can’t get the BitTorrent download to work:

    “Failed to receive the valid response from the tracker” Everytime.

    Is seeding a must?

  5. Im using FDM build 844 but there are an error:
    Unkown server error but the file is smaller than 2GP its 1615
    can you fix this error please .thank you

  6. Similar/same problem. File-size is 170mb, getting an error each time it tries to create a new section:

    10:45:03 PM 7/21/2009 Checking if download is malicious (see options to disable this)
    10:45:04 PM 7/21/2009 OK, FDM’s users did not report that this download is malicious
    10:45:04 PM 7/21/2009 Starting download…
    10:45:04 PM 7/21/2009 Unknown server error
    10:45:04 PM 7/21/2009 Pause 5 sec.
    10:45:09 PM 7/21/2009 Starting download…
    10:45:10 PM 7/21/2009 Opening file on the disk…
    10:45:10 PM 7/21/2009 Succeeded
    10:45:10 PM 7/21/2009 [Section 1] – Started
    10:45:10 PM 7/21/2009 [Section 1] – Downloading
    10:45:13 PM 7/21/2009 Preparing files on the disk… This may take several minutes
    10:45:15 PM 7/21/2009 Creating new section…
    10:45:16 PM 7/21/2009 Unknown server error

    Still downloads, but very slowly.

  7. its funny i done download movie file from torrent is about 735mb
    but when i open the file i only earth shinning picture.. and the duration only 14 seconds

    whats going on?

  8. When you download a torrent file, the torrent is automatically being processed by FDM – after the torrent has been completely downloaded by FDM, how do you stream the torrent file as a direct movie file?

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