FDM has been updated to build 718


[-] Perform virus check menu didn’t work sometimes
[-] Video preview was broken

16 thoughts on “FDM has been updated to build 718”

  1. Hey, simple awesome!
    This program is the best free download manager! The name can be changed to Best Free Download Manager.

    I have a question, does the manager support mediafire acceleration too?

  2. I really like FDM, I use it daily!

    But there is an issue with the Metalink support:
    When I try to download a torrent directly, everything works fine.
    But when I add the same download as Metalink, the included with exactly the same Torrent URL will not be downloaded, the included HTTP and FTP mirrors will be used instead.

  3. Hey I just want to give my overall impression of FDM after 2 yrs using it : I really like the program, it has improved a lot too. However, there are so many tools and options I don’t need , like the audio preview tool or HTML Spider. And who needs also the old interface? I love the program, and will do even more if you guys streamline it down 😀

  4. Hi,
    FDM is really helping me lot for downloading files. But i am facing one problem with FDM. When i try to download an DVD iso image of size 3.8GB, FDM is not working. Is anybody can help me to fix this issue. I am using FDM version 2.5 build 721.

  5. Ive tried a number of download managers abd some have come up short,however reading the blogs I am sure this one will go well.so hats off to you for orrering this ware to the public for free.thank you

  6. hallo friends
    i am using win vista 32 bit .
    after every install fdm shows that mfc42.dll is not found and then it closed .
    please suggest me the way to correct this.
    my vista is home premium .

  7. Hi im using FDM and everytime press ctrl + shift V, it pastes the file but downloads in seconds as 13.3kb download, does anyone know the problem? it was working fine a few days ago. thanks

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