Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year, we worked hard to provide you with the new features you voted for. Now, you can enjoy the new user-friendly interface, scheduler, batch downloads, etc. After numerous bug fixes the overall FDM performance got better.

The localization process was really something special. Volunteers from all over the world helped translate the FDM user interface. We are happy to be a part of such a friendly and helpful community.
Thank you, guys! You’re the best.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

  1. One of the major things I am missing is that there is no possibility to force overwrite already downloaded files if they have the same name. Or to store files with server date and time.

    These settings and really many many more have been in the older versions.

  2. Hello, how are you friends of FDM? I have a question for you, the preview plugin for the videos when they are downloading, sends me the following message: “Failed to open file Unknown Media type”. Please solve that error since I want to see how much the video leads. Thank you for your attention, have a nice day.

    1. Hello Abraham,

      Kindly specify the folowing:
      1. OS version;
      2. FDM full version;
      3. Video URL;
      4. How do you open incomplete video files? What program do you use?

  3. Hello,

    Is there a chance to add an option that the timestamp of downloaded files will be the actual date? If I download a file, I always have the timestamp from where the file last was changed on the server.

  4. Just today I’ve upgraded from 3.9.7 to 5.1 and it works very fine. Integration with Firefox is now perfect, with 3.9.7 and last FF update start to show some issue.

    Thanks, great work well done.

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