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Hello Nik,

Thank you for your question! The feature is currently not supported, but it’s on our TODO list.

I replaced the older one with 5. But I am finding that most of the features in the older version are missing here for some reason. Add sections, Schedule, Shut down after download and many. Will all that be added later or is there a reason for not doing so? Because I just felt like downgrading. Please let me know where I went wrong if I did. But thanks a lot for the amazing software anyway. 🙂

Hello Joel,

Thank you for your feedback! The features are currently not supported, but they’re all on our TODO list.

Thanks for new FDM. But where are the main features like Import/Export list of download? Do I have to add every single link?

Hello david,

Thank you for your feedback! The features are currently not supported, but they’re on our TODO list.

Fantastic work guys!
Any word on the Ubuntu version? I’ve been waiting for this for years now! Please)

Option to shutdown PC when downloads are finished is missing. Also integration with new Opera is missing. Is there an extension available?

I installed 5.1 and after about 2 minutes uninstalled it again.

For me free download manager is a powerful tool. Scan pages/directories to get lists of files. Manage HTTP downloads. Import/Export lists of files.

Maybe the management of HTTP downloads is still there, however, the older version fulfills my needs much better.

Reading the other comments reminded me of the other tools I use. Individually scheduled downloads and copying the date-time from the server, so that files can be ordered by the dates they are intended to be listened to or watched, when file names don’t help.

Maybe the changes will expand the user base, but the things that attracted me to FDM in the first place are completely lacking in this release.

I don’t know what’s happened, but this new version just doesn’t work. Won’t do anything except “copy and Paste URL”. Won’t detect any videos or download them.
A once good product ruined.

FF 48

Dear Sim,

Could you kindly describe your problem in more details?
Do you try to download flash videos?
Could you kindly indicate the OS you’re running?
Please provide sample URLs where you encountered the issue.
Is the integration switched on in the FDM settings?
Is the FDM extension installed and switched on?

Dear Michael,

We support FDM 3 as well as FDM 5.
So, you can use FDM 3 if you prefer it.
We will add new features to the fifth version.

I’ve installed the new version, but I couldn’t find the “download properties” section, where is it? Thanks.

No, I mean the download properties to refresh download links. Once I was in the middle of download and the download stopped, I needed to refresh it to resume the download. I can’t find that option in the new version.

Where are the instructions to this? I am not certain how to use it. And most of the features are missing. Help pls.

Hello mullo,

The option is activated if there was no user activity 2 minutes after the last download completion.

The option is not activated when some downloads are active, even at zero speed (e.g. a torrent that currently doesn’t have any peers).

If you find it that something is not working properly, please file a bug report.

I’ve voted for the new feature, when will there be an update about the biggest vote in this version? I really need that mirror link option.

Hello Erwin,

Unfortunately, there is no such information at the moment. Our developers work hard to meet all the requirements. We will keep you updated.


I’m an Italian user of your fantastic software. Before I found FDM I’ve tried many other download managers (also commercial) but every of them had some problem for me. I’m very happy to use FDM , finally the best of all. It works fine in anyway and I appreciate a lot the capacity to download from a lot of places, including torrents. My thanks for your very good work.

How to view my history? How to make new sections? Where is the recycle bin? The UI is beautiful though, but not for me. There should be an option for old UI and features as a PowerUser state.

Hello Rashid,

Unfortunately, there is no way to see the history itself. You can, however, view the history of the destination folders for your downloads. To see the folders history, click on the drop-down list in the download window.

The sections are created automatically. You can manage the amount of simultaneous downloads and the number of sections through the settings option ‘Traffic Limits’. The restriction is 10 sections per download.

The downloads are removed to the standard Windows Trash. There is no option to have the old FDM 3 UI.

Hello Minz,

FDM 5.1 and FDM 3.9.7 are fully compatible with Firefox. Turn on the Firefox integration for FDM 5.1 in the Settings, restart FF and install the extension.

FDM 3.9.7 works on Win10.

Hello, I installed Version 5 a few days ago, playing around with it somewhat. Surprise, I didn’t find anything comparable to Version 3. I checked thorougly to make sure that it is the same supplier. It seems it is. Now, with Version 5 the software has lost almost all of its initial very useful features. Therefore, I hurried to remove Version 5 and install Version 3 again. Fortunately, it works perfectly with Win10. So, if you plan to change whatsoever, go back to Version 3, keep its concept and add only really useful features (e.g. improved captures). Refrain from streamlining the UI at the expense of functionality and transparency.


1. I use FireFox, after installing FDM, files are downloaded by FireFox yet. No new feature has been added to the menu which opened via right clicking on links.
clipboard and FireFox is checked on monitoring section, and FDM add-on is allowed to install on FireFox.

2. The recent version of FDM is not accessible for blind users. Blinds use a computer via a screen-reader. These screen-readers are not able to read a new version of FDM, while they could read old versions such v3…


Hello Shadyar Khodayari,

1. Kindly specify the OS, FF and FDM versions and the version number of FF extension.

2. We are sorry about that. Unfortunately, we did not consider this aspect when choosing the way we implement the new UI. But we’ll do the best we can.
Please tell us about your experience. What screen reader do you use?

OS Version: Windows 10 64-bit
Firefox version: 51.0b14 (32-bit)
FDM version: 5 x64

My Screen-reader is NVDA, the latest snap-shot version.
On FDM windows, NVDA entirely is silent either on focus-mode or on navigation-mode like a blank window.

Hi I was downloading a 5+ gb file, and it stopped at 5gb (due to server closing connection. Now the link is giving 404). I can find the same file in different URL. is there a way to continue the download, yet from another URL. in the old version I believe this could be done from download properties. Can I for example modify some data file (quick & dirty way). I really don’t want to download another 5gb if possible.

Never mind I found it. For those who want to restart a stopped download due to broken link, or whatever reason, and FDM cannot restart. this is what I did. I downloaded DB Browser from http://sqlitebrowser.org than found fdm.sqlite file (in appdata – just do a search include hidden files). Open the db file in db browser. Find your file, and change the old link to new link (both cells). Restart FDM. Voila! Saved me 5gb 🙂 and a few hours.

Hello Meric Usta,

In FDM 5.1, there is a menu option called “Change URL”. It shows a dialogue window to enter a new download URL into.

Hello Steve,

If the ‘Auto Shutdown’ feature is enabled in the FDM menu, you can disable it right there: http://pho.to/AgayK
In case it isn’t, please check the OS settings where this feature can be enabled/disabled as well.

If I close the window while my file is downloading will it restart the download when I come back? Or does it save progress

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