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Welcome World

Today we launch our blog. Here we will place notes about Free Download Manager development process and upcoming features, best downloads we find in the Internet and also information about our FDM Blogging buzz.

15 thoughts on “Welcome World”

FDM is cool and fantastic! It’s the best Download manager I’ve ever used! Looking forward to more wonderful features!

As of August 2006, FRDWNLDMNGR is the best I’ve found.

SURPRISE YOURSELF – It’s got features other than just Downloading. One feature it has is – Website Directory ‘Spidering’ – it’s something that I’d always dreamed of having.

Try the FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER for yourself.

Well, at least until Microsoft distributes Internet Explorer 7 – with an embedded download tool. Until then…
…use FDM.

In this review of mine, the last thing I’ll say is – for you to GET the Free Download Manager – and try it. Once you start to use, you won’t even bother to read another FDM review. Why? Because you would’ve found the best download software.


FDM is a great download tool. I am using it for years.

It is FREE too.

I think everybody should use FDM to accelerate downloads.


FDM is really effective and useful. I use it in combination with Firefox and its Free Download Manager plugin. Sooo comfortable!

But I wish the software itself had the option to “Get the proxy settings from Firefox”.

I really don’t know how this got on my computer and don’t have the time to try to figure it out. I have to download files for military business then I can’t figure out how to open them. I have tried to remove this program and it won’t remove, Yes I have exited the program and gone through the control panel and remove program steps, the remove window just flashes and the program is still there. I even restarted the computer and it is always there, like a bad nightmare. It does not show up when I click on the ALL PROGRAMS arrow so I can’t remove it that way either

Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information!Very cool design!Added to favorites!!

2Carl: See Options | Download options | Monitoring.
Also please note that some software (e.g. other download managers) may
prevent FDM from monitoring your browser.

Best Software to dowload the files. I have tested this software on my PC and installed on laptop also. Now in my office lot of guys are now using free download manager.

Thanx for giving such wondeful software that too at free of cost!!!!!

I want some softwares like convering MPEGII to DVD. After conversion if the files becomes too big to write on DVD then the software should able to ask the user to break into 2 pieces and start writing on its own.



This is a beautiful soft piece, it smells when i´m trying to download something from firefox and even let me forget about ftp apps. For lazy people like me this makes surfing and downloading my dear linux distros from http ot ftp 0% effort and 100% joy.

Thanks a bunch and congratulations

Have learnt about your blog not long ago. Now visiting you every day, to see wether you have written something new. 🙂 Unfortunately, you update the blog not every day 🙁

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