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Free Download Manager 2.1

FDM developers have never been at a standstill. During the whole period of the program existence FDM Team has constantly been enriching the software with new features making it still more attractive to millions of users all over the world.
But now, with the new 2.1 version, FDM Team is offering you something really special. Free Download Manager 2.1 is not only the perfect downloader, but also social software designed to make surfing and downloading a safer and more rewarding experience. FDM 2.1 users get a new, exciting opportunity – to request the opinion of other community members on the file they are going to download right from the download window. In this way users will secure themselves from useless or malicious files. Read more about this opportunity on our Community Features page.

49 thoughts on “Free Download Manager 2.1”

i was looking forward to a new release of this program..
fdm makes my downloads easier, everytime..
thanks for all

Hey, the version is just great, *BUT* why all your versions tae so much memory when running? See in Task Manager, FDM takes up to 35 MB of RAM ! Even when I am not downloading?! It is a waste of memory for sure, so I have to close/exit FDM when I am not using it. Please take this issue into account.

What version are you using? I just checked out mine (v2.0 build 417) in my Task Manager and it’s only using [about] 3.8 MB of RAM. Why is your version taking up so much space?

I can’t generate a branded version. I have done it in ver 1.9 with now problems. But 2.1 give a build failure error. I have come back to the site several time figuring that your server may be too busy, but I get the same result.

“Free Download Manager 2.1 is not only the perfect downloader, but also social software designed to make surfing and downloading a safer and more rewarding experience.”

If you REALLY want to make FDM a SOCIAL software and if you REALLY want to build a COMMUNITY around it you HAVE TO RELEASE IT UNDER GPL LICENSE.

You’re saying “please users cooperate with us” but YOU are not cooperating with us because your source code is secret.

Keypoint in FDM 3.0: LICENSE CHANGE to GPL.

You choosed to ignore my comment so I decide to repost it.

You are talking about a new version of free download manager calling it “not only the perfect downloader, but also social software”.

I completely disagree with you.
If your task was developing a SOCIAL software why do you deny us the source code of your product?

Prehaps do you think that it’s a SOCIAL practise?

If you really want to help the community, please release FDM under the GPL license.

this program is the best. I have only one bad experience I want to be improved. I was downloading a file which is about 2.2Gig and FDM then unexpectedly quit twice. On both occassions I have had to restart the whole download again because it apparently lost everything in the queues. Therefore when it loses all files in the queues there ought to be some steps that can help you recover to some earlier time for resuming. Other than that it works fine all the time.

Dako, it seems that the size your List of downloads, History or FDM’s Recycle Bin is too large. Try to clear them. This should help you.

I went to download the latest version and a warning screen popped up.

** (There are 35 of 141 Free Download Manager users reported that this download is malicious.

Average rating for this download is 4.5 )**

Is this software safe to use, what is it sending to home base.

(Sorry for my english)

This great product, but I must use ReGet Delux, because it can start download at 00:00 o’clock and pause download at 04:00 o’clock (In this time I have very low cost traffic). Do you can add this functionality?

Hey! FDM Rocks! However, I find myself testing Vista RTM 6000 (Bang head on desk here). Any chance you guys will be releasing a vista compatible version in the near future? Or do you maybe have a Beta that I can play around with? Thanks for a great product anyhow.

This is a very cool program. It does what it is supposed to do.The only drawback is that I cannot rename my downloads from batch process. This was a feature of a program I previously used.

2Crexis: Next version of FDM will be compatible with Vista. However some of our users said that the current version (2.1 build 494) is compatible already.

The best software to download the heavy files. Best suited for windows xp and IE. Wonderful software.
Good Luck Free download Team


gofeddy: Yes, FDM is compatible with Opera. See Options | Download options | Monitoring settings.

FDM Development Team.

Dear Alex & FDM Team,
what a great product !!
It salvaged me in some occasions where IE let me down. Lately I run (and still running) a download from the Adobe site, takes until now four days to download 467MB, every other minute it says “Connection with the server was lost – Limit of connections with the server is reached” – so FDM takes care of it. Chapeau !
Newly I got a XP SP2 computer – and from this machine I was not able to use FDM – somehow does not go through our company’s proxy – says always “Proxy Username and Password required”.
Same FDM, same network, same proxy but from W2K – no problem. Change from W2K to XP – stuck.
Would be glad to have advice how to repair

It is a grate program. The best download manager that I have ever seen. Thanks man. But it’s lack of some bandwidth limiting features. (I mean limiting download bandwidth to xx kb/s not heavy/med/light mode)

And also I agred with arc if you want this program to have a community this program should be GPL licensed or something similar to it. (Maybe you can put some limitations to the gpl that only you can distrubute binary files)

If you do so I and many users would love to add some new features to fdm. Think about it.

I use FDM for 3 years. I like it!
Do not turn the light FDM to an elephantine dinosaur, please.
Achieve new functions (though they are useful) by a new software.

Free software is about freedom, not limitation.
If the developers of this software want to make it free then they have to release it under the GNU GPL so users can contribute and help the development of FDM.

Personally I don’t use closed source software because I can’t know what it does.
There are other download managers which are free software (wx download fast, for example) but FDM is much more complete and stable.

Please, value your users.
Instead of working to make FDM Vista compatible, please, choose to free your software.
Your users deserve it.

2 arc:

FDM development team have been thinking about making the software open-source, so we’ll probably release it under the GPL license.

Hi, everyone at FDM. I came to your blog site today after seeing your pop up in the program. My hobby had gotten SO LARGE, I needed a download manager, really BAD!! So late one night, I headed for Cnet, to find one I “could afford.” I tried several, and FDM, was my PICK!! I download hundreds of graphic files from the internet, for use in digital scrapbooking, and FDM works like a charm!!! I am still learning about computers/ software and FDM was like magic for me!!
Ohhhhhhh, the hours I spent, sitting and clicking “one file at a time.” FDM has a true “fan” in this grandma!!! I will leave all the “technical” stuff to all you guys, 😉 THANKS FDM, Ann Dennis, Port St Lucie, Florida.

I love FDM.
I see no reason why you should use the GPL license if you want to keep control of your own programme. Normal Freeware is fine ( Though sometimes sad when developers take the money and run).
I’m just waiting to see what the next version will hold. I like constantly updating stuff, which is why I need FDM in the first place! 🙁

The main reason to use the GPL license is to respect the users.
A proprietary software doesn’t respect its users and denies them the freedom to study the source code, the freedom to share it, if they wish and the freedom to modify it if they wish.

What does it mean to “keep control of your own program?”
With the GPL license, the developers HAVE control of their program.
They can sell it, they can give it away for free and they can continue to develop it as they do now.
They can also accept users contribution and it’s a very valuble advantage for a software.
If they don’t license it under GPL, soon there will be a GPL download manager that wil perform better than FDM.
It’s just a matter of time.

The only way to enhance FDM is to free it from the chain of proprietary software and I am glad to know that the developers chose this way.

Hi, I am a dial-up user and in order to download things, some of which take more than the limited timespan I am allowed to be dialed up on my cheap ISP, I NEED something like FDM. I used to use another one but FDM is definitely a superior product. Starting a while ago I started getting a popup message that a new version was available (version 2.1). I mostly ignored this since FDM was working fine (in fact great) for me. And I am always a little afraid that this time I will regret it (something might go wrong with getting the new version). But yesterday I thought oh, what the hell, I’ll try the new version. Well, it downloaded fine, I installed it but at one point I got this error popup “The procedure entry point SHGetSpecialFolderPathA could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll.” Argh! But I hit OK and it continued to do what it was doing and I hoped it maybe only had to do some peripheral function of the program. After I rebooted my computer, I tried to run FDM again but I get the error popup and after I hit OK it just quits. ARGH!! Its true I have a very old operating system, but anyway, can someone tell me how I can download the old version that still worked? I was in the middle of downloading 3 huges video files! Thanks!

Arc, WTF have you developed that is so great? How about a little respect for the developers of FDM who have put so much hard work into creating this great program and supporting it. You are spamming the board over and over demanding that they release their code as GPL to “respect” the users and abide by your cliche morality. How about some respect for their creativity? How about some respect for their right to make software and release it any damn way they want to after they go through all the trouble of developing it. Until you personally pour your time, money, sweat and tears into an better alternative I suspect you ought to keep a little quiter.

The only thing I am curious of, is how is FDM supporting this product with no fees of any kind? FDM, I’d put more thought into developing a revenue stream from this great product than rushing into GPLing it, the majority of users would much rather have a highly functional, usable binary version of a product that you already provide that following that trolls advice.

I agree with Charles. Everyone now wants GPL software so they can steal the code and use it for their own software. It happened before. GPL means that a few talented developers like FDM team make a product and some others (lazy morons) steal the code. Oh yeah, they want to contribute… right… a software doesn’t need to be GPL for people to be able to contribute. It’s not enough for them that the software is free anymore. Those lazy and talentless idiots want it all. Just pathetic.

FDM team just keep it the way it is. Concentrate on making it even better than it already is.

Just on the side note even with GPL software you can always know “what it does”. Unless you are a super programmer and can Analise every proramme you get. I don’t think anyone does that.

Correction to the last paragraph:

Just on the side note even with GPL software you can’t always know “what it does”. Unless you are a super programmer and can Analise every proramme you get. I don’t think anyone does that.

FDM has an option to integrate with opera but just like it has with Firefox. We still need FlashGot and FDM both to run smoothly with firefox. Unluckily we don’t have the luxury of a FlashGot version for Opera.

So my FDM doesn’t not work with opera and I have to manually pick n paste urls onto fdm wat the …


2 5iM: FDM integrates with Firefox using the different way than with Opera. FlashGot is not required and it even prevents FDM from monitoring Firefox. So you should uninstall FlashGot if you want to use FDM’s monitoring.

For Opera browser check these links:

How to get FDM to work with Opera:
Opera integration How-To:

FDM Development Team.

To Charles:
I didn’t state that I developed anything “so great” so why are you saying that?

You are saying that I don’t respect the creativity of FDM developers.
I have much respect for their creativity and it’s for THIS reason that I’m asking them to license their code under the GPL.
If I didn’t like their work why would I insist so much?
Think about it, please.

You say that if I don’t develop a similar software, I can’t express my opinions or suggestions.
What is the main goal of this blog, after all?
Is it not to share suggestions?

You state that “the majority of users would much rather have a highly functional, usable binary version of a product that you already provide”
Who are you to say that?
Are you representing “the majority”?
Your words make no sense…

“that following that trolls advice.”
I never insulted you so why are you insulting me now?
I ask the webmasters:
this blogs is about sharing suggestions or not?
If it is, then I am peacefully making some suggestions and you’re not.
If it is not then I am in the wrong places so please tell me where should I look for suggest my opinions.

Thank you.

To Zip:

I am not a developer so I am not interested in “stealing” anyone’s code.

You’re wrong.
GPL was not created to steal software but to protect it from big corporations that stole
free software source code beacuse it was better than theirs and then put their copyright on it.
What you are saying is the prove that you don’t know anything about the FACTS.
Please inform yourself about GPL and its history before make loud sentences.

If you don’t have the source code how can you enhance the software as you desire?
Without the source code, the user is not free. He has no control.
Corporations have the control.

“It’s not enough for them that the software is free anymore.”
Free as in free beer is different from free as in freedom.
Freeware software is available at no costs but it is still proprietary.
Users don’t pay for it but they are not free.
Free as in freedom (GPL) software is about freedom, not cost.

“Those lazy and talentless idiots” you’re talking about developed an entire free as in freedom operating system, a compiler, text editors, many window managers and so on to give users FREEDOM.
What have YOU developed FOR FREE (as in freedom AND as in free beer)?
You, like Charles, are just offending random people without knowing what you’re talking about.
I repeat: please inform yourself so maybe then you will say interesting and correct things instead of loud non sense sentences.

“Just on the side note even with GPL software you can’t always know “what it does”. Unless you are a super programmer and can Analise every proramme you get. I don’t think anyone does that.”
Many developers checked it so you’re sure, even if you are not a developer, that the software is secure.
Can you say that about windows? 🙂
Please don’t make me laugh…

Software should not have owners.
The majority of software you’re using right now (internet protocols, email protocols etc.) were developed by people who followed free (as in freedom) software philosophy.
If they thought like you are doing, when they developed such protocols, maybe now you couldn’t use your internet connection…

Think about it and please INFORM yourself before speaking.
I am not speaking about air, I brought to you examples, computer science history, THINGS, not air…


FDM is great!!! But i have recently isntalled Vista Home Premium, i’m also a rapidshare user. On XP i could download rapidshare links no worries. With Vista when i use FDM it just downloads all the files in one second which normally happens with broken link files. But i know for sure the links are not broken. Could somone please tell me what i have to do in order to get FDM working properly on Vista, i have even downloaded the BETA version but still no luck.


Is there anyway to make FDM exit automaticaly when done downloading?

I never saw an answer to the question of “What does FDM send to home base”. Does anyone know?

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