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Enjoy improved FDM 5.1 beta!

Dear all!

Our team is excited to inform you about the release of Free Download Manager 5.1 beta!

We did our best to bring you a brand-new version of FDM with improved stability and performance. This version is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, provides fast downloads and features a powerful torrent client. Now you can enjoy a more easy-to-navigate interface that supports efficient interaction with the core, which eventually results in lower CPU and memory consumption. Also, you have the option to take advantage of Internet Explorer integration and experimental support of Microsoft Edge. The new ‘Snail mode’ will allow you to get files at low speeds without closing any connections, whereas the file space preallocation feature should greatly facilitate downloading of large files.

We’d like to thank all the users who helped us improve our FDM client by submitting feedback and feature suggestions. Your participation is very important to the overall functionality and efficiency of our client, and we plan to add even more features in future releases.

So, don’t wait anymore, download the new FDM 5.1 beta and share your constructive feedback on our forum!

Download for Windows 32-bit
Download for Windows 64-bit
Download for Mac OS X

51 thoughts on “Enjoy improved FDM 5.1 beta!”

Great news! It’s always exciting to see how the favorite app gets even more powerful. Can’t wait to update the version!

Dear Muaad,

Unfortunately, we are not planning to release a Linux build until a stable release for Mac OS X & Windows is out.

However, we are doing our best to make sure that our source code is compilable under Linux to the extent that it will not be too big an issue when we get to it.

Missed the “set name” function. Then, adding a new file to download, I can just set the URL and destination folder, but can’t set the name.

Dear Saeb Khanzadeh,

What is the browser you are experiencing the problem in? What is your operating system / browser version? What exactly is not working, can you see the FDM context menu in the browser?

Please make sure you have the corresponding extension installed and enabled in the browser. Also check FDM –> Settings –> Browser Integration and check the box next to your browser if it’s not already checked.

Upgraded the FDM to 5.1.9 and it just hangs.
Using Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. Is this a known issue? Any solution available?

Hello Sam,

Does it happen immediately after you launch FDM or when you quit? Are there any specific things you do prior to FDM hanging?

We would appreciate it if you could create a dump file and send it to our support team here (by sending a link to the uploaded file) : support@freedownloadmanager.org

If you are willing to help, please follow these instructions (change Firefox.exe to fdm.exe) to create a dump file of the fdm.exe process when you encounter the issue:


My internet connection has monthly quota limit, it’s vital for me to disable seeding torrents by default.

How can I do that by default instead of right-click and disable the “enable seeding” option manually every time?

Thanks for the awesome application!

Dear FDM Developers,
Having used Orbit for a while I have now switched to FDM for at least 2.5 years and like it!

However, since moving on to Linux, FDM is one of the great programs I am really missing here. I would like to have FDM here, too, to offload downloading of files from the browser, as Firefox cannot be controlled in anyway and starts all downloads at once, blocking the whole line speed for browsing.

Please bring FDM for Linux/Ubuntu/ZorinOS, as more Windows XP users are moving on to these (free, stable and secure) Operating Systems.

ZorinOS (a Ubuntu Derivative) even has a Win7 and WinXP look-alike GUI (Graphics User Interface).
All Operating Systems are also available in 32-bit and 64-bit, as well as in Educational Editions, too. Just try them.

I have been installing a (64-bit) version on an external HDD and now I can use it on any (64-bit) PC by booting it up on USB!
Looking forward to a Release of FDM for Linux/Ubuntu/ZorinOS, soon!

Hello Mike thomas,

Kindly send some additional info to our support e-mail:
1. the links where the problem occurred and what the problem actually is;
2. the operating system of your computer;
3. the FDM program version.

Hello Peter-ZA,

Thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately, we are not planning to release a Linux build until a stable release for Mac OS X & Windows is out.

Dear Ali Tweel,

It’s impossible to disable seeding torrents by default at the moment. However, the feature will become available in Settings sometime in the future.

Hello from 2020, may I ask when the socks 5 proxy will be supported? And thank you for your long time dedication!

I’m sorry I didn’t realize that the new version is out there. Got it sorted now. Thank you!

Dear Developers,

I am trying to catch links from Chrome, but your latest version of this fabulous downloader seems not to be syncing with the Chrome extension, hopefully you can fix this soon.

Thank you!

Hello t0ni_6,

Kindly provide some additional info to help us resolve the issue:

1) Your OS
2) Chrome version and the FDM extension’s version (check chrome://extensions)
3) FDM version

Hello dev, thanks for the awesome software.

I have a problem with FDM extension on Waterfox 46.0.1.
I can’t seem to find a way to activate it. This happened after the latest update (3.9.7 build 1627). I’m on Win 10.

Hope there will be a fix. Thanks.

Hello Linda,

Thank you for your question! The feature is currently not supported, but it’s on our TODO list.

Where is the “Shutdown after downloads complete” function that used to be in the earlier version?

Hello D,

Please check the notification settings and make sure to enable the option. Here is the screenshot: https://goo.gl/ERzXND

Since FDM only has system notifications for now, you will only hear a system notification sound if it is enabled on your OS.
If you wanted a customizable sound notification, we’ll make sure to add it to our feature requests list.

Unlike the 3.X version, 5.X no longer supports resuming broken/interrupted existing files on disk including from links that regenerate after a certain time, making using the software pointless. Stripping out the many 3.X features was not a brilliant idea either.

OS version – Windows 8;
browser – Google Chrome, version 51.0.2704.103;
FDM version – 5.1.13.

Problem – not catching download links. FDM can not automatically catch links from the browser.

Hello Ritik Verma,

Could you kindly check:
– Is the integration with Google Chrome in the FDM settings switched on?
– Is the FDM extension in Google Chrome installed? Is it active?
– If during the FDM setup the browser was open, you have to relaunch it.

Here is a screenshot to help you: http://pho.to/AB2l5

One of the features that I miss from the old version is the ability to have the downloaded file with the same date/time that it has on the server you download from. It was there on the old version and I cannot see it in the settings for the betas of 5.1.

Dear FDM Team,

I wanted you to add one more feature to FDM. I wanted to manage bandwidth speed manually so that I can download files and torrents up to the speed of my wish. Like Utorrent, I also want to manage the bandwidth speed of different files not the bandwidth speed of all files simultaneously. Example: I chose unlimited bandwidth and it is about 2Mbps. It is shared among 2 files which has 1Mbps each. I want the feature so that both files can be managed with a different bandwidth speed. If you updated this in your software, Free Download Manager would have become the best ever download manager for me and I think everyone! 🙂

Hello Shivam Nayyar,

Thank you for your report! You can manage download priorities so that the available bandwidth is distributed between downloads depending on the download priority.

Hello Leonard,

Thank you for your report! The feature is currently not supported, but it’s on our TODO list.

Sir, is there a way to resume broken downloads of FDM? It says “Connection time out” and doesn’t start anymore if I resume the file.

You seem to have lost the capability of mapping wildcard characters to do sequential downloads and I don’t mean in a BitTorrent, I mean in regular sequential downloads like Chaz1.zip, Chas2.zip, Chaz3.zip. I loved the old FDM!

Please advise.


Hello sir,

There is a problem on my laptop. After installation there are some hanged files and they’re getting stopped and asking for feedback. I reinstalled the application, but same thing is repeating. What shall I do now?

Hello satish,

Please provide some info for us to resolve the issue:
– OS;
– browser name;
– FDM version number;
– a screenshot of the ‘asking for feedback’ window.

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