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Meet New and Completely Revamped FDM 5

Dear FDM Users!

We’re proud to announce that the new Free Download Manager 5.1 is now available to public. After months of hard work and extensive testing, our team would like to offer you a more streamlined UI with a friendlier approach to configuration. Thanks to the revamped software engine, you will enjoy  efficient and stable multi-thread downloading as well as overall better performance and responsiveness. FDM5 features cross-platform support for both Windows and Mac OS. You’re very welcome to try out the configuration capabilities FDM5 comes with and offer new ideas and options on our forum!

Download for Windows 32-bit
Download for Windows 64-bit
Download for Mac OS X

What’s new:
– Revamped software engine
– Better performance and responsiveness
– Mac OS X support

System requirements:
– Windows 7 and higher
– Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Known issues:
– No support for Windows XP/Vista. In case of popular demand, support for older versions of Windows may be renewed in future releases.

20 thoughts on “Meet New and Completely Revamped FDM 5”

A fan needs things to go better or at least existing features to be carried on to the new version. FDM (ce0639d) is actually a stripped version compared to v3.9.6 build 1614. Silent mode is missing, auto clear of completed downloads is also missing. please get these 2 urgently

Guys, please for the love of God add back the ability to rename downloads. It’s crippling my use of this software. I love everything else about it, it’s much more stable than the alpha, looks better and works brilliantly, but if I can’t rename downloads especially when so many of my downloads are generically named and I download many at a time, the software is rendered useless. PLEASE bring it back, and fast

May I ask how is this new version supposed to help people? No proxy settings, minimum information and customizability… I’ll just stick with v3.9.6 build 1614. Maybe forever. Oh dear, I shouldn’t have even tried it.

Hi to all! FDM has problems with the latest Firefox… It doesn’t GET every link that I need to download, like ISO’s of Linux distribution. I tried to change preferences in settings but I can’t configure ISO with FDM. Why?

Allow me begin with a sad face. Just downloaded about 20G files. And then … I selected “Remove from list”. 🙁
I’m on Mac… and I thought those files should be in Trash… but only if they are there, otherwise I won’t have this sad face. Please… Maybe remove from list should actually be remove from list, not delete completed files or maybe just move them to trash? Or rename it… 🙁
I’m sad… Can almost feel my tear dropping…

Give me root to ‘hide” or “rename” the file from the list of “all download” while it is running.

I still use Windows XP (Professional 32-bit with Service Pack 3 and all updates installed). At least one person has demanded for your product on XP and Vista: me. I am sure there are others. I have used Free Download Manager for years on several computers, most of which still run Windows XP. Please continue having it work. Mozilla Firefox is continuing updates for Windows XP and Vista indefinitely and has no plans to ever drop support. With Firefox as the browser and Free Download Manager as the download manager it is the perfect combination.

Auto-remove of completed downloads that also stops automatic sharing of torrents or the ability to turn it off as the default (in fact, sharing has no setting I can see beside bandwidth limits).

What happened? I reinstall FDM after a few months without it and it’s been so stripped down and crippled that I can’t even find a way to configure the default download directory.

Hello MS,

The ability to specify the default download directory via Settings will be added in an upcoming release.

Hello Atikul Islam,

We are constantly working to resolve issues and fix bugs, please let us know what you found unpleasant.

Hi there,

FDM 5 is cool, but could you please consider providing a custom branding option like in Version 3x?

Secondly, with v3.9.7 if you “add” a download, it immediately goes ahead to download. In latest v5, after “add”, you again have to make another click “download” to start process.

Is this intended or could you please make it one click less like in older version?

I think FDM is otherwise the best ever since I came across it years ago, I have never needed any other.

Thank you, regards

Hello Miki,

Thank you for suggestions! The “custom branding option like in Version 3x” has been added to our TO-DO list.

Could you kindly clarify the way you add the downloads? If you add them through the ‘Add new download‘ option, it is supposed to work like that.

If you’re using the browser integration feature, you can go to Settings — Browser Integration — Automatically catch downloads from browsers — Start downloading without confirmation.

2 years later, still no option to rename =)
Will it come eventually ?

Great work otherwise, a real pleasure to use.
Many thanks

Sorry admin, but as of November 6, 2020, the version we get for downloading is NOT 5.1 (compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 an later), but 5.1.38 that’s compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 an higher. Where can we get version 5.1?

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