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Google Chrome shows a warning for FDM site

Dear users!

Some of you may see today a malware warning in Google Chrome, when you try to visit the FDM site.
It is a false positive reaction! We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

19 thoughts on “Google Chrome shows a warning for FDM site”

Thanks, FDM! I would like to ask:
– can FDM be configured with Google Chrome?
– can I download videos with FDM directly from Facebook?
Thank you very much.

Hello all!
I use Free Download Manager (build: 1614)
But for me the download icon not visible.
Can someone help me?

Microsoft Security essential detect your exe file as virus. Please check your upload. Might be that is virus infected.

I can’t integrate FDM with Firefox or Chrome. Is it my FDM error or just my laptop won’t cooperate with me?

Hello FDM team,

I’m a user in India. Me and my friends love your software, but sometimes the download completely pauses up in the x64 version and shows a http error. So, I request you to debug this issue.

Hello barkhad sheikh xuseen,

Please specify the FDM version and the browser you’re using. Could you kindly send the examples of the links you’re trying to download?

In Free Download Manager, the downloads are not successful. The cause: HTTP/1.1 403
Thanks for your help!

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