Learning to speed read can be fun.

Bullet ReaderIf you feel your reading speed can be faster, try out Bullet Reader. The software teaches you to speed read by giving you a variety of reading drills and eye exercises to expand your field of view and improve your concentration. Before starting the drills you take a reading test, and the program adjusts its speed according to your results to keep the difficulty level high enough to challenge you. Bullet Reader strikes us as a solid tool that can help you increase your reading speed. Read the full review.

7 thoughts on “Learning to speed read can be fun.”

  1. Hi Jonathan!
    Bullet Reader is shareware, you can download the demo free.
    To download the program, follow the link given in the blog entry. You’ll be taken to Bullet Reader page in our software library. Then all you have to do is click the Download link. Enjoy!

  2. I tried using the Insight Calibration Dialog box again today. I was able to send a number for Y to the FDM & read it back from the contorl.Then I realized this was probably in MM units, and that’s how come I didn’t really see any change when I would send 0.03 or 0.0012 Inches.I sent 2.0 to the FDM (maybe too much) and the support definately moved! The parts will be done tonight, so if I have a chance, I’ll get in a check them in the morning. -John

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