Recover deleted JPG files from your camera or flash driver.

PhotoRestorer will help you out if you’ve accidentally deleted some image files from your camera or flash driver. The software is easy to use: you simply plug in your flash driver or digital camera, determine a folder to put restored files in and click the Find button. After the operation is complete, the program opens the folder with restored images. Unfortunately, PhotoRestorer cannot be called an absolute lifesaver, as the program only recovers files you deleted recently. Read the full review.

3 thoughts on “Recover deleted JPG files from your camera or flash driver.”

  1. I have spent the last 15 hours in front of my old laptop trynig to recover data from my failing notebook hard drive and all I have gotten so far is “Error 23” notices. It’s only a 160 GB hard drive yet the GetDataBack program reads it as a 2TB drive. I’m starting to get a little frustrated here that I have wasted all this time for nothing. Any suggestions or should I keep waiting for the next 3 days until this thing finishes? Honestly, I just don’t have the time to wait or patience at this point. 🙁

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