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Save your eyesight with Eyes Dropper.

Eyes DropperIt’s no secret that your devotion to work may damage your eyesight. EyesDropper will force even maniacal workaholics to take breaks from work. The software is ultimately simple but does its job well. You set your working time and pause length and when it’s time for a break, the screen turns black offering you to take a rest. You can return to the usual work mode only after the set rest time has run out. Read the full review.

A perpetual calendar with the world clock function.

TimestimatorWant a smarter alternative to conventional calendars? Try Timestimator. It spares you the effort of calculating anything by hand when you need to know duration between two dates or vice versa, calculate a due date for any event. Moreover, the software instantly tells you time difference between your city and any remote location and current time in any part of the world. Read the full review.

Spice up your e-mail messages.

With SmartPic you can dress up your e-mail messages or Word documents with emoticons of all kinds. The program offers hundreds of smileys and cartoons displayed in a tree view (Funny, Sad, Holidays and Love, etc). You simply select an image and it is instantly pasted into a new message. You can also form a group of your favorite smileys for easy access. On top of it, SmartPic also lets you design your own balloon-smileys. Read the full review.

Recover deleted JPG files from your camera or flash driver.

PhotoRestorer will help you out if you’ve accidentally deleted some image files from your camera or flash driver. The software is easy to use: you simply plug in your flash driver or digital camera, determine a folder to put restored files in and click the Find button. After the operation is complete, the program opens the folder with restored images. Unfortunately, PhotoRestorer cannot be called an absolute lifesaver, as the program only recovers files you deleted recently. Read the full review.

Software that cares about child computer safety.

Ez OFFIf you want to prevent your children from working at the computer for long hours, Ez OFF 2.001 is an effective tool to do so without unnecessary negotiations with your children. Its modern user-friendly interface lets you schedule the work time of your PC for each day of the week. You can either choose a precise shutdown time or set a countdown timer. It is also convenient that you can create a custom notification and set the time when it appears on the screen. Read the full review.

Learn everything about USB devices previously connected to your PC.

USBDeviewUSBDeview is a small freeware app that lets you view details about USB devices that anybody ever used with your PC. The program does not require installation and is very easy to use. Just double-click the .exe file and see the list of all USB devices that were previously or are currently connected to your computer. The program also provides details about each USB device, such as its description and type, product ID, serial number (for mass storage devices), etc. The software also lets you uninstall USB devices you used before and safely disconnect the ones that are currently connected to your PC. Read the full review.

Learning to speed read can be fun.

Bullet ReaderIf you feel your reading speed can be faster, try out Bullet Reader. The software teaches you to speed read by giving you a variety of reading drills and eye exercises to expand your field of view and improve your concentration. Before starting the drills you take a reading test, and the program adjusts its speed according to your results to keep the difficulty level high enough to challenge you. Bullet Reader strikes us as a solid tool that can help you increase your reading speed. Read the full review.

Yet another way to make your child feel special.

santa's letter creatorIf your kids haven’t yet outgrown the belief in Santa or you would like to revive the belief, Santa’s Letter Creator is what you need. True to its name, the software lets you create and print out personalized letters from Santa to make kids feel special on Christmas Eve. If you are not much of a writer, Santa’s Letter Creator will help you out as it offers the choice of 6 different letters as well as 6 different designs. The program also boasts an address book where you can store an unlimited number of names and addresses. You can also send emails right from within the program. The software is fun and easy to use, and can be of interest not only to parents but to anybody who would like to please the young ones.