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Archive for October, 2006

An addictive arcade game for everyone.

Even if you have never gone fishing you are going to enjoy the Crazy Fishing game where you control a dashing tattooed pirate. Each game level gives you a to-do list telling you what fish species and how many of them you should catch to get to the next level. You gain or lose points or time depending on what underwater creature or object you have caught. The game is very nicely designed, really addictive and is sure to give you lots of fun. No fish were hurt in the game!

A tool for creating tests.

Studies are in full swing now and tests are an effective and convenient way of checking knowledge of your students. If you are not a teacher, then maybe you need to check knowledge of your employees in some sphere or even create a quiz for your friends? Anyway, if you are searching for a tool to create tests, take a look at Test Maker by Igneon Software. The program allows you to create various types of highly customized tests, perform testing of numerous people and get detailed tests results. Read the full review.

A free steganography tool.

What would you do if you needed to send a secret message to someone? Would you use invisible ink or pin prick letters in a newspaper article? Text Hide is a free tool offering you a modern steganographic technique.  The program hides a text message inside a bitmap image. Since the existence of the text is disguised, disclosure is possible only if the image itself attracts attention and arouses suspicion. In addition to steganographic coding, you can also encrypt the hidden message to ensure higher security. Read the full review.

Decorate dwellings in photos with luminous holiday ornaments

Although Christmas is still a way off, with a program recently submitted to our software library you can start feeling the holiday right now. Just take an ordinary picture of any dwelling and create a holiday atmosphere with Holiday Lights Designer. With the software turning a common exterior or interior into a luminous sight is exciting and easy. Even if a photo was taken in the daytime you can darken it before applying all sorts of bulbs, lights and ornaments, as well as some animated effects. The result looks realistic, so the program can be used not only for fun but also by professional designers. Read the full review.

Enjoy pristine nature in 3D screensaver.

Green Fields 3DToday when less and less users seem to be satisfied with the usual slideshow screensavers, the ones with 3D animation are gaining popularity. Green Fields 3D Screensaver will take you on a flight over endless green fields. The lush fresh grass and alluring mountains on the horizon, together with the impressive quality of 3D animation and smooth movement, give a relaxing, almost hypnotic effect and will surely relieve you from the stress of everyday life. Read the full review.