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FDM has been updated to build 753

FDM has been updated to build 753.

Here is a list of changes since ver. 2.5 build 747:

== BUILD 753 ==
[-] Bittorrent: progress tab did not show valid information when download was completed
[-] Bittorrent: restart download did not work

== BUILD 752 ==
[+] Support for non English names of files downloaded via HTTP protocol
[+] Bittorrent: peers tab improved
[-] Bittorrent 99% bug fixed
[-] Bittorrent: invalid characters in the names of peers
[-] Bittorrent: crashed sometimes when download stopped.
[-] Another bug of Bittorrent downloads
[-] FDM has lost login info of a download sometimes after performing the “query size” command
[-] Downloads info window was empty sometimes