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Please, develop a MacOSX version! I have searched a lot and there is no software like FDM for mac. There are some shareware download managers that don’t come close to FDM functionality… I have to switch to Windows on my MacBook everytime I have to download something big.

good very good

Is FDM available for linux?

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No, we are afraid not.

Look at Downloader for X (D4X) for linux. It isn’t FDM but not bad. With the GPL, maybe some good people will contribute to a version for X? Then we can stop using the Firefox downloader completely 🙂

the article say it just featured on linux.com but the does anywhere it does not tell us if FDM would be suppoting Linux
in near feature

please develop FDM for ubuntu.
i do like FDM so much and cant think about any other stupid download managers.

plz plz plz all of us are looking forward for the linux version of FDM.

Yes I like FDM too, but it very nice if there a linux version, which is same opensource too

I like a concept about remote download server, which can optimize our network bandwidth, so every people in my office can fast to get same download file from internet. Like another server concept (Server Donwload Manager),

Oh yes! Please develop FDM for linux and if possible make it Open Source too. I love it very much. No download manager can take the place of FDM in my box!

Oh it’s already under GPL but where’s the linux version?

ohh please make a mac version!
that will be compatible with my historic OS 10.2.8
it’s my download computer.
saves the others from viruses

a Linux version would be great! … debian package prefered 😀

I vote for a Ubuntu version 🙂

screw OS X 😉



Linux version! please? =]

I, as well as the many others who use Linux, would greatly appreciate a Ubuntu debian port of Free Download Manager. Or maybe even just a wine using FDM compatible plugin for native Linux Firefox!

FDM is great on Windows ……
It would be greater on Linux ……
Hail Linux ….

Yeah, I also request FDM guys to develop a version for Fedora Linux. Hurry hurry!!!

Once again I visit the download site of what I believe to be “the most dependable download manager” in cyberworld. This time I wasn’t looking for an *.exe installer. I was hoping the GPL anouncement will be followed by a release of *.tar.gz kind of installer or maybe *.bin

Such a release will do the Linux world real good and its about time too. I greatly appreciate this software. No headaches over *.deb or *.rpm just a *bin or *tar.gz will do! More grease to your elbows!

Fellas relax!!!!!!

First think about the feasibility of making it free source.
– These guys will loose their source base
– Once source is out it’s not that difficult to port to your historic/fantastic/blah blah Linux flavours

This is however unlikely to happen.


When the linux version is going to release???

you could always try running it under wine. I’ve managed to install it and start it…

Hello ppl there exists a wonderful download manager for linux..rather for firefox its a ff plugin called as down em all check it out itw awesome

mac and linux version please 🙂

Web interface + linux = PATH TO GREAT GLORY!!

We are waiting for the linux version

plz plz plz huury up

hi.. i found the source code by accidently on sourceforge.net but I don’t think it can be compiled in linux yet .. so If any one can , you will please alot if you try ..

Pls we are really waiting for FDM Version for Linux I Miss FDM So Much since I leave Windows

Well actually I was struggling to get download manager on linux.. But thanks to WINE . I successfully installed fdm on linux inside wine. Just one exception that u need to copy a missing dll file into the fdm directory.. if you guys need help on this; i am glad to help u (anandan.personal@gmail.com)


My vote for Linux version!!!

we don’t want to use wine or something. we want a new version for all unix and linux systems…

Hi, i want a version for linux too, any body know something like FDM but not D4X, that is not so stable…

For me To, a linux Version.
Please, that is the only thing that I really miss since I am leaving MS.

vote to linux too,

fdm is very good tool

I’ve used FDM from past 4 -5 years on windows, now that I am working with Ubuntu I would like to request one.
I VOTE 4 linux FDM

To use FDM with Wine you need to download mfc42.dll from this website : http://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files_new.php/dllfiles/M/mfc42.dll/6.0.400/download.html. Then you have to copy the mfc42.dll to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/ in Ubuntu.

I love FDM but can you let me know if you have a version for Linux

I don’t know if this is a petition, but I also really want free download manager ported to linux. Would be awesome.

Thanks a lot Farreina. I’m using LinuxMint 10 (Ubuntu based distro) and your tip save my day! FDM is working like a charm now!

I’m for the Linux version too! Especially an Ubuntu version. It’s getting popular these days. Even utorrent is going to release a Linux version! Please hurry up!

FDM for Linux would be so great! PLEEAAAASE! I tried every downloadmanager available for Linux. But FDM is much better (faster, no broken downloads)!

Please port FDM to linux….there’s no such good download managers like FDM…You guys made a promise long time before…..Hope you remember it now also….

FDM For Linux!

I love FDM very much! But I wish there was a Linux version.

Plzzzzzzz I need FDM for Linux too.

You know, the source code IS freely available, written in C++ and possibly Linux-friendly. If someone can possibly port the source to C++ it would be less effort for the devs 🙂 Hey, maybe even BSD can benefit 🙂

So, who’s up for some code building?

I vote for a Linux version!

FDM is the best download manager. It is better than IDM, because it has a feature allowing to pause all downloads with the speed of a few bytes. This feature helps when we want to do net surfing and if downloading is running surfing speed is very slow. We can pause download that provide no facility to resume. We can change name of a file before the download is complete.
Please develop FDM for Linux.

Please develop it for Linux.

We’re waiting for Free Download Manager in Linux!!!

FDM for GNU/Linux now!

Please develop FDM for Linux.

Today lots of person struggle to download video in Linux, especially Ubuntu.

If FDM is made for Linux, I blv the application will become more popular.

Really, I want a program like FDM on Linux.

I can’t wait for a GNOME port, FDM is essential software to me that I can not do without.
I’ve a PC running Windows 7 and another one running Fedora Workstation and I’ve to say that FDM is the single application that I miss the most when I’m using GNOME.
Please, it’s almost 10 years already.

Can not wait the Linux version.

Does not matter which GNU/Linux distribution you are using or Desktop environment. Access to source code will surely prompt any number of devs to step up and make it happen in a way that would benefit all distributions, regardless of branding. For instance, take a look at Etcher, the USB writer that is a self-contained AppImage, which only requires some small dependencies from whichever distributions you run it from.
So, please give access to source code and I am almost sure GNU/Linux developers will make it happen. Maybe even talk to the people who make etcher possible on most platforms. Just make sure there is proper licensing that forbids adding code that abuses users privacy and rights as users and open an option for developers that have proper skills to sign up and help this happen. People will love you for it.
Just a thought.

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