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FDM has been updated to build 745

FDM has been updated to build 745.


[+] Bittorrent: optimizations and improvements
[+] Option: prevent computer from stand by while downloading

7 thoughts on “FDM has been updated to build 745”

Well! I have build 738 and I will look for its improvments in Bittorrent.
By the way, when we will see the new plugin FUM?! I mean that it will upload manager that helps webmasters to upload files to their servers and then resume this upload if it was cut. I think such a plugin would need server side scripts that are able to make connection with FDM.

Already tried re-downloading and re-installing FDM. Still same problem persists. Please address issue ASAP as I do not want to use other download managers.

I’m really grateful for providing me this fabulous software and rescuing me from the dark ages of download frustrations. Great Job! I really couldn’t believe my eyes and still can’t. Wow!! Accelerated download speed is a big understatement. I average at least 10 times the speed I got before. And all that for free! Thank you!

please help me to update my fdm so that i can download files from youtobe using my download manager

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