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New FDM 5.1.27 released!

Dear FDM Users!

We’ve released a new FDM version 5.1.27. Completely revamped modal dialogs are even more user-friendly. From now on, FDM will ask you if you want to finish a previously failed download instead of creating a new one. If a link has expired and you don’t want to restart the download, just use the Change URL option added to the context menu and check the status of your downloads in a new progress tab on the Info panel.

If you use a previous FDM version, feel free to upgrade and take advantage of the new features.

All the improvements wouldn’t be possible without you. We are glad to have such a great community. Check out the whole list of improvements and share your FDM experience on our forum.

Download for Windows 32-bit
Download for Windows 64-bit
Download for Mac OS X

58 thoughts on “New FDM 5.1.27 released!”

Good afternoon. Could I ask you how to use batch download in FDM5? I’m using FDM3 for years, but still can’t tell how to create batch download in FDM5.
P.S. In the newest version of FDM3 I always have “the parameter is incorrect” whenever I restart FDM3. But the program still runs fine as usual. Is it some kind of bug?
Thanks in advance.

Hello boneknocker,

Way 1: Select the links in the browser -> Bring up the context menu -> Select Download selected with FDM.
Way 2: Copy the links to the clipboard -> Select the Paste URLs from clipboard in the FDM menu.

from the steps as you said, it still has “the parameter is incorrect” , can I batch download multiple files from links that separated by ‘\n’, it seems that FDM can not recognize the links, so I need to paste it one by one…

With all due respect sir, I’ve been hearing that for the past 10 years! the Linux community is waiting for this great piece of software to be added to the echo system, and I think the feedback and support will be more than you can handle!

Situation: Download via a list of URLs in a file: is there a possibility to give for each download a file name (e.g. name of the video)? Because if I have e.g. more DLs in this URL list with names e.g. “xxxxyyyysomethingxxxyyy video.mp4” – then finally I do not know which downloaded file is which video.

Hey, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering, how can I make a task on the 5.1 version? I used a lot on the old version.

Hello Angelo,

Please activate Schedule in the “Add Download” window or from the context menu on the added download.

Hello rongie,

Please specify your request: are there any details regarding a history (is it a history of downloads, a history of destination folders)? If possible, kindly send us screenshots.

Hi Guys,
You are doing a great work, and the app is really nice. Keep up the good work.
The app is crashing once in a while in Mac. I have sent the crash report. Please take a look if you get some time 🙂

Windows 10 has upgraded, and now FDM only queues files. No downloads. I’m sure the answer is simple, but I haven’t a clue. Any advice?

Dear R McGrath!

What update has it been? What is your Windows build now? If you raise the priority of the downloads, will they start to download?

Dear User!

Thank you for the suggestion. There is no such a feature in FDM 5 yet. You can vote for this feature here on our forum.

Hey developers,

I’m a long time FDM user and after updating to the latest version I faced BSOD issues. Strange thing was that the BSOD used to come only on one user while if I logged in using another user account, my computer runs fine.
At first, I thought its some windows issue but it was not as I formatted my system. But after reinstallation of FDM the BSOD issue returned.
Kindly check it out and if possible release a new stable update if you find any bugs.

Thank you

Hello Ashutosh Ghate,

Thank you for your report! Kindly specify some info to resolve the issue faster:
– OS;
– browser name;
– antivirus system.

Also, please send us your system dumps. e.g. (C:\Windows\minidump).

Hi guys,

Change URL worked a few times, but then when the file was at 99% I had to do another change URL (Microsoft MSDN downloads seem to fail constantly). I did Change URL again and then it said the file changed at the server. Then the next time I tried change URL it went back to 0%. If this is going to happen, can you at least keep the fragment already downloaded? Why do I need to lose everything? I spent all day downloading. Also, if I have a partial download, can I just take that file and get it into FDM and continue downloading it with a URL? Or does it have to have been a file that was already in FDM?

Hello Ryan,

1. If you see the window ‘the file changed at the server‘ while downloading, it means that the URL is already used for another file at the server. PLease check the link you’re using. Otherwise, the file could be changed at the server (e.g. a new version appeared). Please send us some URL examples.

2. Regarding ‘it went back to 0%‘, it’s necessary to check if the server supports resuming file download.If it doesn’t, there is no way to save the progress. Please send us some URL examples.

3. ‘Also, if I have a partial download, can I just take that file and get it into FDM and continue downloading it with a URL? Or does it have to have been a file that was already in FDM?

This download should be in the list from the very beginning (except Torrents).

Hello khs,

Thank you for your report! Kindly specify some info to resolve the issue faster:
– OS version;
– FDM version;
– Torrent link;
– Are you downloading these files to local disk or external storage?
– Can you sample the FDM process in Activity monitor when this happens and send us the text file to support@freedownloadmanager.org ?

Please make FDM DPI-aware so that the task list won’t occupy only 1/4 size of the main window. I am using Windows 10 with 200% scale on a 4K display. Thanks so much for such a great tool.

You are doing a great work, and the app is really nice. But where is the old option that we had with FDM3? Whole customization for scheduling, speed limiting and other.

Hello nathasha,

The scheduler is available for every download. You can manage it in the Add download -> New file window or through the context menu. The speed limit has 4 modes, you can switch between them at the bottom panel of the program and manage them via Settings -> Traffic Limits.

Hello jamesxxoo,

Please send us a link so that we can check the details. Otherwise, try to open the context menu on the page where your video is displayed and select the ‘Download video with FDM‘ option.

Hi, I’ve just learned about FDM and it seems like a great tool. Thanks for making it available! The other day, before I learned about FDM, I started to download a huge (20GB+) .zip file using only Firefox’s downloader. It started, ran fine for about 8GB, then stopped many times; it got to about 15GB when it began to fail every few minutes at which point I gave up. Googling for solutions, I found out about FDM which seems to work a LOT better!

My main question is: can I revive that partial browser download and continue it using FDM (I saved the partial download before closing Firefox) so I still have that first 15GB) or must I start anew using FDM to save a whole new file?

This is complicated by the fact I live out in the boonies and have terrible DSL service… supposedly 1.5mbps, but most downloads rarely arrive over 180kbps. So, 20GB = about 2.5 days.

A secondary question: while using FDM I notice that it opens 10 “connections” (I assume this means ports?) Now and again one or more of the connections fails and closes. Is there a way (or a reason) to reopen those connections on the fly?

My system is a new Dell Inspiron desktop 3650, Intel I5, 8GB RAM, Win 7 Pro 64 bit sp1 (fully patched), McAfee AV, Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) and FDM

Again, many thanks for a very cool software tool which I expect I’ll use often in the future!


Hello Eddy,

FDM always overwrites the file and starts to download it from the very beginning even if the same path with the temporary Firefox file is selected.

Regarding the connections, when adding a download file, it’s divided into several parts which are downloaded one by one. If some of the parts are closed (e.g. because of server/connection problems), the download continues downloading through other ones.

If you need some more precise info, please send us the link via http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/support.htm

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Interface freezing in last 2 updates (as I remember). I add new torrent file, push for example “unselect all” (I am using Russian version – words can be different) – nothing happened, switch to other program, switch back – all unselected, push scroll down – nothing, switch-off + switch-on – scrolled, push check box – nothing, and so on. I am using Windows 10, and Kaspersky Free (disabled – the same effect).

Hello Vitaliy,

Please send us some additional info to resolve the issue:
– PC characteristics;
– monitor settings: desktop theme, screen resolution, etc.

Old FDM versions are better like 3.9.2 they are less heavier on system memory and have far more features compared to the latest FDM. Really why have downgraded FDM?

Hello Vedant,

Please send us more some detailed info:
1. What features you liked most in previous versions?
2. OS number.

I’ve just upgraded to firefox quantum (version 57) is there an extension which works with this version of Firefox?

Dear Admin,
Please add streaming video capture option and also integrate it to opera. Refreshing URL and torrent will be appreciated. A better and Expanded settings is required. please Change title bar, may be you can see examples from other applications like ASC or avast (this is optional).

[suggestion: ]
please, “Support for Linux”. FDM is very nice download manager I used on windows. Now, I switched to Linux world but this useful piece of software is not available to Linux which is so sad. And Linux users are waiting. so, good luck for support Linux as far as possible. Thank you FDM team.

Does FDM still support input file lists for downloads and wildcarding?

EG: Used to be able to say download “http://address/folder(*).jpg”


Create text file listing each file wanted

I am using Latest Version of FDM i.e., 6.9. but one video (size of 2GB) was being downloaded yesterday. after completing 70%, i have to shut down the system. and today it is showing Error 403. and if i try to change the URL, the option is disabled. please guide me

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Is simultaneous download broken? I can’t download more than 3 files at the same time even though I have set a higher number at all types of traffic

was downloading a file from google drive which was not resuming. now i have updated the link with new server address but it is still trying to resume from old google drive url not from the other server(new link). if i right click on the download and copy the link then it copies the new url. but don’t understand why its trying to download from old url.

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