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New FDM 5.1.33 & 3.9.7 Released

Dear FDM Users!

We have released a new version of FDM 5.1.33 for Windows 7 and higher and updated FDM 3.9 for XP users. The key improvement is the Firefox 57+ support. Now, both versions of FDM work with the latest Firefox.

Also, we have fixed the seeding function, issues with Wi-Fi network lags and crashes caused by torrent downloads and added traditional Chinese localization.

Thank you for choosing FDM! Feel free to upgrade to the new versions!

Download FDM 3

Download FDM 5 Windows 32-bit
Download FDM 5 for Windows 64-bit
Download FDM 5 for Mac OS X

15 thoughts on “New FDM 5.1.33 & 3.9.7 Released”

Great job you guys, now maybe you can give the Linux version some attention please? It’s ranked #1 on the feature vote.

I install the latest version 5.133 and I double click on the icon and although i see in tasks that is running , no software window opens.

I installed 3.9.7 build 1638 and it monitors all links even files I specified not to monitor (less than 15MB) and not to monitor Firefox, but it monitors all of them.
I need old builds (such 1632). Where can I download them?

Dear FDM Developers!

Please add “Generate new download link in FDM” because due to some issue, users could not download some files completely, but when they retry after some time, then the link gets expired. Please add the feature so that users can “generate new link” and resume the download without restarting the download.

Thank you!

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